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Title: Languages we have translators for:
Post by: efmer on March 09, 2009, 01:26:50 am
I'm still in need of an native English speaker, to check on the English translations.
Of both program and Web site.

These are TThrottle only translators for BoincTasks check the http://www.efmer.eu/forum_tt/index.php?topic=194.0 (http://www.efmer.eu/forum_tt/index.php?topic=194.0) BoincTasks translation chapter.

Catalan: Josep.
Dutch - Nederlands By Fred.
French By France team - Équipe France. Link: www.grid-france.fr (http://www.grid-france.fr).
German By Christoph.
Spanish By Corsair.
Chinese (simplified) by ledled.
Slovak by Pepo.
Portuguese (Brazilian) By Ricardo

Anyone interested in other languages, please let me know.