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Priority / Re: eFMer Priority
January 28, 2011, 08:10:22 AM
Hi Fred
As per this thread on the SAH forums,

I tried to use Priority to control the CUDA exe and VMWare Player. As per your advice above I ran 2 instances of Priority, one for each program. I set the CUDA exe (Lunatics x32f) variously to Normal, Above and High and for VMWare I tried Normal and Below.

Whatever combinations of settings I use on the 2 running instances of Priority, I still run into the problem that when VMWare is maximised it grabs all the CPU and leaves CUDA with nothing. It stays like this till I go into Task Manager and manually set the priority back to "Low".

When VMWare is running minimised or only in a partial window the system works as I want, it's only when fully maximised that the priority of the VM is raised back to "Normal". VMWare seems to be able to change it's pririty at will

System is Q9650 + 2 x GTX285's, 4GB Mem, Win XP-Pro 32, VMWare Player V3.00, BOINC V6.10.56 + Lunatics X32f.