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Just upgraded to Version 1.72 and after I add a project, I can't Right-Click on any of the projects in the current list anymore on ANY system.  It starts working again after I restart BOINCTasks...



Beta Testing / BT 1.46
« on: April 10, 2013, 08:37:38 pm »
Well, thanks for the improvements and fixes. The things I really like is no more hangups on computer changes and the proper editing of the cc_config.xml files!

Excellent work so far, still more to test...



PS: 10 more systems to add in furture...

Beta Testing / BT-1.30 new bugs?
« on: February 15, 2012, 10:11:59 pm »
Howdy again!

I have two problems at least.

1) No matter the settings, I can't ever right-click on a project or task and get "Properties".  BT-1.25 the same problem. Deleted all keys I could and all user data and fresh install 1.30 fixed.

2) While uninstalling/reinstalling and going between 1.25/1.30, there is some register key eFMer/BoincTasks/ that can't be delected or permissions changed under any method I've tried...

3) BT-1.30 After the system has run a long time, I select Messages Tab and the lines jump around a LOT like it can't figure out where to start or stop... seems to flicker between correct and 1 page back... eventually it stops. Note: Actually looks like it is swapping data between two different buffers or something like that.

Any help with those items much appreciated.


Wish List / Directed GPU Use Option????
« on: April 08, 2011, 06:28:29 am »
Howdy, first time here and I love this interface!! Much better than the standard IMHO.   :D

I have one problem lately with BOINC in general that "MAYBE" ya'll can help me with. When I was first running PrimeGrig on my GPU's I had no problems; but lately their latest (cuda_fermi) tasks use 99.99% of my display system, even with no CPU tasks running!!! This slows down the display update to a click-and-wait crawl. There is no problem with it running on only one GPU, only when it's running on both at the same time.

My system specs:   and normally runs 4.2GHz 24/7....

So, I was wondering...

In the case of multiple GPU systems, can we force a project to use only one GPU at a time to allow other projects to use the other GPU and not slow screaming fast display systems to a crawl?

OR, is there a way to contact PrimeGrid (other than the forum) and ask them to back-off a little on hogging the display resources?

OR, is there some other work-around to this other than manually suspending a task all the time?

OR, am I completely missing something somewhere and someone could help in tuning or something?

Thanks for any and all help!


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