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Questions / 2nd localhost client can't connect to BoincTasks
« on: September 04, 2016, 10:57:37 am »
I followed the instruction here:

On a Windows XP x86 PC it worked in past.

Now an other PC with Windows 8.1 x64 it don't work.

From the 'log':
BoincTasks version: 1.67
Language ---- User: 1031 (DEU), System: 1031 (DEU), Selected: 1033 (ENU) Used: 1033 (ENU)
Maximum number of computers: Unlimited
Computers ---- xxxxxxxx , IP: localhost2
Computers ---- xxxxxxxx , IP: localhost
Start BOINC client ---- The BOINC client started OK
Connect ---- Connected to: Host: xxxxxxxx, IP: localhost, Port: 31416, BOINC Version: 7.6.22
Logging ---- Start debug mode
Connect, init ---- Host: xxxxxxxx, IP: localhost2, Port: 31426, connection error

What's different between XP and 8.1?

As I installed BOINC v7.6.22, there was during installation something like 'allow BOINC access to folder' or something...
IIRC, this wasn't happen on the XP PC, with an older BOINC version (for 2+ years in past).

Now on the 8.1 PC I need to allow someone the access to the BOINC2 folder?

It's important where the BOINC2 folder is?
Maybe it must be in the C:\ProgramData\ folder?

Maybe I must adjust the Windows Firewwall?
Open/allow a port?

It's important how I adjusted the Windows Firewall?
I can chose 'home' and 'guest/public' network.
Which I must chose normally, and/or if I want a 2nd BOINC client?

Thanks. :)

Questions / How to uninstall BoincTasks completely?
« on: June 26, 2015, 10:27:11 am »
I would like to uninstall BoincTasks (v1.67) completely, because I would like to start again from scratch new.

I have Win8.1 x64.

I made over the Windows/Software the uninstall.
Manually I deleted the folder where it was installed (IIRC, there was just the config.xml file in it).

OK, reboot of the PC.

Installation of BoincTasks again.
But, all user changes were again set, like it was before (color, lines and so on...).

Which folder/file/entry I need to delete, that BoincTasks start with default settings again new (uninstall/install and default settings)?

Thanks. :)

Questions / BoincTasks & Priority run on Win8.1 x64?
« on: January 16, 2015, 07:39:17 pm »
BoincTasks & Priority run on Win8.1 x64?

BTW, BoincTasks run fine with stock BOINC Client v7.4.36_x64?


Wish List / new function because of new Cr.-system
« on: July 03, 2011, 05:06:03 pm »
Maybe it's possible that you change the function of your nice tool?

It looks like the new Cr.-system don't like rescheduled WUs.

Claggy have a work around if he want to reschedule WUs..
NC subforum : 'But for the love of Gandhi! - Message 1123119' and following..

This work maybe for a low RAC machine..
(and currently I have no idea how to do this.. ??? )

If your nice tool delete 'only?' the related entries automatically, so the S@h scheduler server mark the rescheduled WUs new and the new Cr.-system grant the Cr. well for the rescheduled WUs.
If I understood it correct, because following WUs (not rescheduled) are involved also, they get then also correct Cr.

Your nice tool isn't only nice for to reschedule old re-sent VLAR WUs..
I use an other 'VLAR value', so I reschedule now and in future also. After reading the S@h forum it looks like I'm not the only one.
Maybe the performance of my/the machine/s increase, but the RAC/s decrease.

Maybe an overworked version or maybe addition of this function?

This would be super! *thumbs up*


It's maybe possible to do this all automatically (within the tool), without to change always the project settings?

Beta Testing / BT 1.06
« on: June 09, 2011, 08:23:16 pm »
I installed BoincTasks V1.06 BETA over BOINC DEV-V6.12.28.

I made a config.xml with UL/DL/report+request refresh 600 seconds.

BOINC have currently ~ 120 results ready for UL.

This are the messages:
SETI@home   09.06.2011 21:53:58   Started upload of 04ap11aa.13021.12337.11.10.217_0_0   
SETI@home   09.06.2011 21:54:22   Temporarily failed upload of 04ap11aa.13021.12337.11.10.217_0_0: HTTP error   
SETI@home   09.06.2011 21:54:22   Started upload of 02ap11ab.26890.13564.16.10.208_1_0   
SETI@home   09.06.2011 21:54:34   Temporarily failed upload of 02ap11ab.26890.13564.16.10.208_1_0: HTTP error   
SETI@home   09.06.2011 21:54:34   Started upload of 04mr11af.26524.13564.6.10.198_1_0   
SETI@home   09.06.2011 21:54:57   Temporarily failed upload of 04mr11af.26524.13564.6.10.198_1_0: connect() failed   
SETI@home   09.06.2011 22:10:41   Started upload of 04ap11aa.13021.12337.11.10.217_0_0   
SETI@home   09.06.2011 22:11:05   Temporarily failed upload of 04ap11aa.13021.12337.11.10.217_0_0: connect() failed   
SETI@home   09.06.2011 22:11:05   Started upload of 02ap11ab.26890.13564.16.10.208_1_0   
SETI@home   09.06.2011 22:11:29   Temporarily failed upload of 02ap11ab.26890.13564.16.10.208_1_0: connect() failed   
SETI@home   09.06.2011 22:11:29   Started upload of 04mr11af.26524.13564.6.10.198_1_0   
SETI@home   09.06.2011 22:11:46   Temporarily failed upload of 04mr11af.26524.13564.6.10.198_1_0: HTTP error   
(I have a cc_config.xml with <max_file_xfers_per_project>1)

This are ~ 15 minutes between the last failure and new try.
That's O.K.?

[EDIT: Maybe it need some time for to adjust. This was the first try. The next few others are ~ 10 mins.]

Maybe it's possible (currently I can't test it because of the currently server probs at S@h) that BT make an automatically 'update' retry, and if present all ULs/DLs get a reset/retry, so that BOINC could ask for new work if needed?
And/or, AFAIK if you have ULs ('> CPUs x2') and/or DLs backlogged in BOINC/transfers, BOINC don't ask for new work.
But in my eyes this is nonsense, maybe currently the UL/DL isn't possible, scheduler is available, why not request new work and UL/DL later if it's possible.
You could make it possible that BT/BOINC ask for new work, although ULs/DLs backlogged?

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