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Beta Testing / BT 1.52
July 26, 2013, 12:30:32 PM
I may have found a bug in 1.52. BoincTasks Credit Graphic was showing graphed results in Average mode, but when I switched to Total, the window went blank (i.e. nothing at all not even gridlines). Switching back to Average now gave the same result. Closing the graphic and reopening did not fix it.

Whilst typing this report, the graphics window closed itself and reopened with no Computers or Projects highlighted. Enabling Computers and Projects again now shows the plot with gridlines and legend. So it appears that BT fixed the problem itself but I thought I would report this because I have never seen it before.
Wish List / Charting temps similar to credits
June 30, 2013, 12:36:40 PM
Hi Fred, I wonder if it would be possible to add a new chart similar to the credits graph to record temperatures of machines (using the value that TThrottle uses when deciding whether to throttle or not). Getting values even on an hour by hour basis, it should help decide which machines are in need of better thermal management.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this...
Beta Testing / BT 1.50
June 29, 2013, 04:40:17 PM
Whilst doing testing of TThrottle v7, I noticed that using | Show | TThrottle | was reporting that some machines were being reported as running no tasks. Investigating this, I realised that some machines were still running TThrottle beta

Updating TThrottle to beta has fixed the problem and running tasks are again being correctly reported.

To sum up: To enable BoincTasks to function fully with TTThrottle, you MUST be running the latest beta ;)
Beta Testing / BT 1.45
February 14, 2013, 08:09:29 AM
I am finding this version to be less responsive than earlier ones.

If I click to ungroup a set of units and then click to regroup them, I sometimes find that the program looks as if it has crashed. I can do other things but the window does not change. Eventually the program does appear to have crashed, because I then see in the status bar that the program is closing and then it counts up to a restart.

Sometimes the restart never happens and the program totally closes.

If there is a log that I could send to you, Fred, let me know and I will get it to you.
I am wondering if it would be possible to allow the 'computers' sidebar to be able to select different computers on a 'View' basis

i.e. in the 'Tasks' view, I select one machine to suspend a particular type of workunit
then in 'Projects' view, I select all but that one machine from the previous view which would allow me to send an 'Update' command to the project server.

This would mean that I would then be able to go back and forth between View windows without having to keep selecting different computers from the sidebar. This example should hopefully explain what I am requesting. Is my request clear enough?
Beta Testing / BT 1.42
October 10, 2012, 10:19:55 AM
Quote-Add: Credit graph, tooltips.
I can't find this

Quote-Changed: Initially the toolbars are now next to each other.
Thanks for this. It has been my preference and when there is a system hiccup, the toolbars always moved back to the old way of separate lines. Hopefully this will resolve the issue.

Quote-Changed: Tasks tab, speed improvements.
Wow. I always thought that it was my fault for increasing the amount of machines. Now micromanagement is back to real time, so it is definitely a major improvement. Many thanks for this

Quote-Fixed: Credit/Tasks/Transfer graph: The timeline is sometimes slightly off.
Thanks also for the nodules on the Credit Graph lines. Much easier than referring to the x-axis when wanting to discover a particular date.
One thing I have spotted is that the Data Transfer Graph is blank. Maybe it is an oversight in my settings?
I wonder how difficult it would be to allow TThrottle Core setting to be edited directly from BoinTasks. I appreciate that this would require a two way communication and don't even know if a remote communication could be run as an administrator.

Maybe this would be too much of a security risk at the remote end, but it would make sense to be able to change the setting especially if you saw that the remote machine was running hot.
Beta Testing / BT 1.31
May 05, 2012, 05:32:56 AM
Hi, Fred. Just a minor niggle, but all the same at first confusing. The message about this update reports it as being released May 2011.
Beta Testing / BT 1.27 - Toolbars on one line
November 17, 2011, 06:48:02 PM
I have been running BT from the first version I tried with Selection Bar, Toolbar Operation and Toolbar Graphic bars all on one line and have never had a problem even when upgrading from one version to another. However with 1.27 (and perhaps 1.26), when I reopen the window either from minimised or simply opening the program, I am finding that the three bars are being shown on three lines.

Is anyone else noticing this?
Beta Testing / BT 1.26
November 08, 2011, 05:23:21 PM
First chance to test the inbuilt update function (1.25->1.26)

Things went very fast and smoothly. I was worried about having to configure the update to run as Administrator, but see that this is done as part of the update procedure. Congrats on a job well done!

Now to test some of the new features...
Beta Testing / BT 1.23
October 07, 2011, 09:03:01 PM
Installed and running. The crash of 1.22 appears to have been resolved.

Note to other users: initially on starting the process, BT appears to hang but opens up within 60 seconds.

Thanks for the quick fix, fred.
Integrate in your website. / Option to send e-mail alerts
September 07, 2011, 06:48:02 PM
I was wondering if you agreed that it might be useful to add an option to send an e-mail/alert on certain conditions being met.
Now that I appear to have Webserver running, I don't see a way select a computer in order to view messages on that particular machine. The page lacks a 'select computer' option in the page.

Is this planned for a future update or left for the user to create?
Beta Testing / BT 1.20
September 03, 2011, 12:54:47 PM
QuoteChanged: Added sum to icon message, like 2,4,3,6 =15.
Thanks for the bug fix. Much more user-friendly now  ;D
Beta Testing / BT 1.19
September 02, 2011, 08:01:36 PM
QuoteChanged: Tasks view: A double click with the left Ctrl key pressed will release or set all filters on a selected filter group.
This isn't working for me.  :( CTRL key seems to be ignored because left CTRL + dbl click has the same effect as dbl click without CTRL.

BTW, is there a reason for specifying 'left' CTRL? I knew that left and right ALT can be given different functions, but never saw the same distinction with the CTRL keys (well in Windows anyway)

EDIT: added ALT and rephrased last sentence to make more sense.
Integrate in your website. / Testing Webserver
August 29, 2011, 03:32:59 PM
I took a look at this for the first time today from another machine and the only problem I have is that the process is taking 100% of a core which seems a high price to pay just to be able to view info from an external device. I also noted that with Webserver enabled, BT itself becomes very sluggish when making any selections, e.g. tab change or making a change in | Extra | BoincTasks settings |

An additional observation:
Whilst viewing the info on an IE8 device, it was impossible to scroll down the page because the view was permanently being refreshed (setting is the default 3600).

As yet, I have, therefore, not tested the webserver on a mobile device.
Wish List / request for a 'Warning' pop-up
August 25, 2011, 02:47:59 PM
I was wondering if it would be possible for BT to have a popup message to warn when 0 tasks are ready to start.

I am asking for this because I am starting to use BT more and more for micromanagement of all my machines and sometimes if a special type of WU is being offered, I like to deploy a profile that will grab these types exclisively. There are however times when none of these types are available and I have to switch back to my default profile in order to refill my cache.

A popup would be beneficial in reminding me to do this instead of having machines not working to their normal efficiency.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you will be able to give this request your consideration.
Beta Testing / BT 1.16
August 12, 2011, 03:22:33 PM
Many thanks for fixing the 'right click in blank area of views'. In doing so, I see an undocumented feature:

- With a line already highlighted, right clicking in a blank area opens up the same menu that would be displayed if you had right clicked on that line.

NOTE: This behaviour is only seen if a line has been highlighted. Otherwise, right clicking on a blank space does nothing.
I can confirm that almost all problems reported with the ROBOT ROBOTii issue are fixed with .50. Thanks, Fred!

However there is still a problem with the Boinc Tasks Grahic.

ROBOT is red
ROBOTii is green

select ROBOT and line is shown red
select ROBOTii and line is shown green

select ROBOT and ROBOTii and both lines are shown green.  (i.e. ROBOT changes from red to green line) :'(

Even though the color for Computer1 changes to the color of Computer2, the data is correct.

I have also noted that selecting ROBOTii results in two lines being shown in the graph both red and showing the correct results for ROBOT and ROBOTii

Title changed to confirm problem fixed in 0.51
Questions / Bug or error ?
April 11, 2010, 05:27:25 PM
I'm not sure if I have found a bug in 0.47 or if I have something misconfigured:

In my farm, I have two machines with pretty similar names, e.g. ROBOT and ROBOTii

I display data from all machines in Combined Tasks mode and I notice that if I click the Tasks or History tabs and then highlight any of the machines in the sidebar, I can see the results for that machine in the main window. However, if I click the Messages tab and select ROBOTii, the main window shows data for ROBOT instead.

Is this a bug or if not, is there some way I can give more diagnostic information?