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Beta Testing / Page longer than a screen resets to top
November 03, 2023, 04:15:33 AM
When in, for example, the list of projects, and it's longer than one screen, and I scroll down and make say a multiple selection, it often jumps back to the top for some reason.
Beta Testing / Escape keys in dialog boxes
October 30, 2023, 08:32:15 PM
Some of the dialog boxes in Boinctasks do not respond to the escape key in the expected way (cancel).

Extra, boinc preferences: ok
Extra, boinc proxy settings: escape does nothing

I often open the wrong thing and just hit escape to cancel it.  All I get is a sound from windows.
Beta Testing / CPU% wrong for fractional CPU cores
August 08, 2023, 06:28:11 AM
If I set a task to take 1.5 cores, the CPU% column gives erroneous figures.  It works ok for whole numbers of  cores.

There's a good reason to set 1.5 cores, some tasks are more taxing and make the computer sluggish, so I make the scheduler do less of those by giving them 1.5 cores each, using <avg_ncpus>1.5</avg_ncpus> in app config.
I have a load of Windows computers which Boinctasks works with fine.  But I have some oddities - a 2nd instance of Boinc on the same machine, using a different port.  And a Virtual Linux machine (Oracle Virtualbox) on the same machine (different IP).  Both these don't work with the "Extra, boinc prefs" menu if I'm in the task tab and select one computer on the left - instead it shows the prefs for a different machine, possibly the last one I looked at the preferences for.  If I go into the computers tab and select one computer not on the left column but in the main section, it gets the right one.
Questions / Missing queued tasks
July 13, 2023, 12:54:45 PM
My Boinctasks has suddenly started not showing some of the queued tasks.  They're visible on the remote computer's Boinc Manager, but don't show in Boinctasks.  If I suspend a running task, causing it to start one, it appears instantly, it's just having trouble with the non-started ones.  I seem to be able to see half done non-running ones ok too.
Questions / Two cc_config.xml entries don't work
June 25, 2023, 03:54:08 AM
The new entry brought in with the latest Boinc version, <no_rdp_check>1</no_rdp_check> does not get passed through when added via Boinctasks, it never ends up in the file.

The entry which has been around for some time, <ignore_ati_dev>3</ignore_ati_dev> produces a syntax error in Boinctasks's editor.

This may be Boinctasks's fault, or it may be Boinc's fault for not taking it through remote communication.  Can you check if it's Boinctasks's fault, and if it isn't I'll raise it with the Boinc programming team.
I wrote an app config and omitted the </app_config> at the end.  I clicked check syntax, then apply, and nothing happened.  It didn't show me the mistake, and it didn't tell Boinc to read the file.  I'm running 1.91 beta.
Beta Testing / Doesn't accept <device_name>
February 14, 2023, 06:45:11 PM
I added the <device_name> tag to my cc_config.  Boinctasks says it's an error (the opening tag is highlighted in red).  I can add it to the file manually, but if I edit the config in Boinctasks later on, it deletes the entry!

This might be your program, or it might be Boinc itself.  I know it weirdly adds gpu usage tags into CPU only instructions in app config.
Since Beta 1.89, "condense use column" has no effect.
Wish List / Make % share count only active projects.
January 02, 2023, 09:25:25 AM
Could we have the percentage in brackets in the share column in the projects tab reflect only active projects, and not ones for example set to no new work?
At the moment, I can only use the lighter half of the colours for background in task view, or I can't read the text.
Boinctasks is highlighting its taskbar button in orange for no reason.  Not sure why it wants attention, nothing in particular has happened, but often the taskbar is lit in orange, like an app does when it needs my attention.
Wish List / Allow CTRL-A to select all downloads
August 26, 2022, 09:11:10 PM
CTRL-A to select all doesn't seem to work in any tab.  In particular I often want to select all the downloads to retry.  I know there's a "retry all" but that doesn't seem to get the instruction to all the computers.
Questions / Suddenly lost android phones from list
August 26, 2022, 06:01:41 PM
I use Boinctasks for 7 windows computers and 3 Android phones, it runs on my main windows computer.  2 days ago all three phones said not connected and have done ever since.  They are connected to my wireless just fine, and have not changed IP address.  They continue to run Boinc and download and upload tasks ok.  I can ping them all from the main windows PC.  I had made no changes to the phones.  I tried restarting all the phones and the PC, but I still cannot connect with Boinctasks.  I've verified they have remote control enabled with the correct password in their Boinc clients (official version 7.18.1).  Any ideas?
I have 5 monitors (this may be unusual!) - if I open a dialog box in Boinctasks (eg abort tasks), it always opens on the wrong monitor.  I'm not sure how it decides where to put it, but it likes to go onto my primary monitor, even though Boinctasks is on another one (always sat there so I can watch my 10 computers).  Could it please either open in front of the main Boinctasks window, or remember where I put it last?
Questions / Creating app_config.xml files
June 18, 2022, 04:41:11 PM
Boinctasks lets me edit an app_config.xml, but how do I do this if the file doesn't already exist?  I'm trying to edit it on a phone, and since file access on Android is very restricted, I can't do it manually.  I was hoping Boinctasks could from my Windows PC.
My Boinctasks has got slower and slower to start up.  I have a fast CPU (Ryzen 9 3900XT), but Boinctasks maxes out a single core for about 10 minutes to start up.  Assuming there's no intention of multithreading the program, can you tell me what it's doing at startup?  Should I clear out history or something?  What does it load up to begin?  It monitors itself, 2 smartphones, and 6 other Windows PCs.
If I have one computer selected and I'm looking at say the tasks it's running, then I go to add a project, it's currently defaulting to the local machine instead of the computer I've selected.  I keep adding projects to the wrong computer.
Questions / Doesn't seem to monitor 4 GPUs
May 14, 2022, 01:36:07 AM
I have four identical GPUs on a system (not crossfired).  One is too hot, the other three are ok.  I want to use Tthrottle to slow down Boinc on the hot one only.  But Tthrottle only detects one temperature.  When I connect it to GPU-Z, it detects four identical temperatures (even though within GPU-Z there are 4 different ones).  It can't see HWInfo for some reason.  How do I throttle one card?
I've tried a couple of firewalls on my android now, noroot and netpatch, and neither of them allow local connections. My phone is using wifi, and that works fine, and the firewalls allow me to choose which apps can access the internet. But I run Boinc on the phone, which is monitored and controlled by a Windows 10 PC on my network using Boinctasks. Despite allowing Boinc on the phone access to wifi, and it can get tasks from the internet, the Windows PC cannot see it so I can't monitor or control it that way. Are there any firewalls that don't mess about with local access like this?