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Questions / Using Boinc Tasks to Manage Android Devices on the Same Network
« on: September 11, 2015, 08:14:24 pm »
I currently use a Windows desktop to run Boinctasks.  On my network I also have one Linux machine and several android devices running Boinc.  Using Boinctasks I can see my Linux Boinc machine.  Using Boinc Manager I can only see my Windows Boinc install.

I would like to be able to use BoincTasks to manage my Boinc installations on my Windows Pc, my Linux PC and my android devices. 

Is this possible? 

If so how do I set up Boinctask access to my android devices?

Thanks for creating Boinctasks.  It is great!

I just installed the Ipad mobile tool and have a couple of questions.  First, how do I report all completed tasks like I can on the PC tool?  Second, how do I graph performance like I can on the PC tools?

Thanks for your help.

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