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Questions / What happens if est app speed is set to zero?
September 29, 2017, 03:42:49 AM
Charity Engine   1.39 ce11 (idle)   wu_1503000423_5512922_4   08:09:26 (00:00:17)   0.0   96.493   00:17:47   9/28/2017 6:40:56 PM   0.0001 CPUs   Running   0   40.7 °C   DESKTOP-3D27Q41   17.96 MB   12.93 MB   

Computer:   DESKTOP-3D27Q41
Project   Charity Engine
Name   wu_1503000423_5512922_4
Application   ce11 1.39 (idle)
Workunit name   wu_1503000423_5512922
State   Running
Received   9/28/2017 1:40:59 PM
Report deadline   9/28/2017 6:40:56 PM
Estimated app speed   0.00 GFLOPs/sec
Estimated task size   2 GFLOPs
Resources   0.0001 CPUs
CPU time at last checkpoint   00:00:12
CPU time   00:00:17
Elapsed time   07:52:26
Estimated time remaining   00:17:14
Fraction done   96.480%
Virtual memory size   18.05 MB
Working set size   12.44 MB
Directory   slots/0
Process ID   1456
I have two laptops running on my home net  work. One  runs Vista and  the other runs windows 8.1.

Since I updated Boinc to 7.4.36 I   have  not been able to get temperatures for  these two laptops to display in bionctasks  task tab.  It worked perfectly before.    The version number of the ttrottle shows in the computer tab for the two laptops.
I have rebooted all three   machines involved (BOINCTASKS runs on an XP3 machine).  Reset and restarted the modem/router involved.  Checked the documentation involve to make sure that I have all the necessary options set to make  it run.   Am running TThrottle 7.52, Boinctasks 1.67, and Boinc 7.4.36.   Anybody got any ideas?

PS: I found that  if I select a task for one of the  Laptops in Boinctasks and double click it, I get temperature as well as the throttle percentage, memory used, and virtual memory used for that task.  The other tasks on that particular machine are not filled in.
Wish list / Mobile boinc display in Boinctasks
January 05, 2015, 12:00:43 PM
Is there future plans to include mobile boinc into boinctasks?   Since there is the  requirement that it be connected to a  local WiFi which is usually a home routed WiFi.  It would be nice to see what the status is, what task are executing etc. presently you must turn on the  mobile phone and this stops the boinc client.   I understand that the mobile client is somewhat  limited, but in my  home the mobile phone is on  the charger most of the day.  At least the status of  projects that are presently executing, waiting to execute and ready to start.
Questions / Mobile boinc display in Boinctasks
November 23, 2014, 02:23:32 AM
Am I missing something?  I just put boinc on my android, but I can not see it on boinctasks on my PC.  Is there some way to do this?  I entered all the necessary data in boinctasks, but can figure out how to modify boinc files on the android.
Questions / Resource/use of a task
April 26, 2014, 02:30:53 AM
I have run accross a couple of WUs that use less than 1% of the cpu while executing. Is it possible to change the resource of a WU once it has started execution?

 Rule(s) ---- Active: 1
11 April 2014 - 13:47:08 Rule: Negative Deadline  ---- , , ,  | Deadline < 00d,00:00:00
11 April 2014 - 13:47:08 ============================================================================== ----
11 April 2014 - 13:48:08 Rule: Negative Deadline  ---- Activated: OK, Project: Quake-Catcher Network, OFFICE, Suspend task

Deadline time for Quake Cather was 13d,23:23:07.  Why is it less than 00d,00:00:00?

The same thing happens if you use a minus deadline time.
Don't Know when this started, but happens when using different versions of Boinc.  I believe that the computer name should appear at  least   in the uncollapsed notice, but would be nice if it appeared in the single line collapsed notice also.  This is a real problem if you have several computers networked using one Boinctasks.

example of uncollapsed:

  BURP: Notice from server
Blender is not available for Microsoft Windows (98 or later) running on an Intel x86-compatible CPU.
4/6/2014 2:38:54 PM     

Example of collapsed: Notice from BOINC   4/3/2014 3:25:57 AM   
Questions / Boinctasks not communicating to windows 8
January 20, 2014, 10:19:03 PM
Boinctasks not communicating with Windows 8 machine.  Don't know if this is boinctask problem or windows 8 problem.

Both boinc and tthrottle are running okay on windows 8 machine and communicating via the internet.  The windows machiine is not talking to the boinctasks machine (XP3).   

Have set remote_hosts.cfg  file and gui_rpc_auth.cfg file correctly on the windows 8 machine and added the computer name and ip address to boinctasks machine.

I have rebooted both machines and they do not communicate via boinctasks.  I am using the lastest beta tthrottle and the latest beta boinc  and boinctasks 1.58.

Any help would be appreciated.
Beta Testing / BT 1.58
November 10, 2013, 09:26:07 PM
Still dumps when I try to show the temperature graph.   Am unable to send you a dump  file as it is to large for email and 7Zip says the first character is invalid.  Also unable to display the dump with notepad because of the  invalid character.
Beta Testing / BT 1.57
November 06, 2013, 06:18:30 PM
Boinctasks crashes when I try to show the temperature graph.   I am running in a XP3 system.

Who do I send the crash dumps to.
I Run a network of nine computers in my home.  There are 3 ethernet connections and the rest are wireless.  All the computers are working like they should except for one wireless running XP3.  If I restart the computer it connects to and communicates with  BOINCTASKS, but sometime during the processing in looses communication with boinctasks and will not return unless I restart the wireless connection.  While it is not communicating with BOINCTASKS it is sending, receiving, and running work.  It just is not communication with BoincTasks.
Can someone explain how boinctasks communicate with workstations.  I might  need to change my firewall or security software to allow some port.  This happens with different wireless modems.  It works for a while and then stops communicating.  Any help would be appreciated.
Cloud / Cloud not available
October 06, 2013, 12:18:04 AM
When I  try to go to the cloud from the latest Chrome brouser I get cloud not available.

Also get connection timed out when I try to login  with Boinctasks.
Beta Testing / BT 1.55
September 26, 2013, 08:32:01 AM
BT  1.55 isup and running okay so far on XP machine.
Beta Testing / 1.29 still has using too much CPU.
December 08, 2011, 05:58:33 PM
Boinctasks is still getting into a loop and using over 95% cpu.  It doesn't seem to happen as  often.

So presently I just use BT to check how things are going on my network, fix any problems, and then close  it.

If there is any other  info I can give you let me know.
This has been happening since 1.20, but have not been able to pin point it to any thing specific.  It alo seems to cause the boincmgr to crash with invalid password supplied.  When I reconnect using localhost the boincmgr comes  up alright.  Exiting Boinctasks and restarting it allows it to run for a while, but continues to slowly build up the CPU usage until the computer becomes unusable and the boincmgr loses its connection to the client.

Are there any suggestions as to  how to track this down.  Its become a pain in the butt. because I can not leave boinctasks unattended for more than 12 hours.
Beta Testing / BT 1.20 using 95 percent of CPU
September 11, 2011, 04:12:58 PM
After BT 1.20 has ran for a few hours, it begins to use more and more CPU time.  I usually catch it around 80 to 95 %.  Every thing looks okay on the task tab, so I notice that it is not responding to tab changes.

Is there some debug info I can send you or use to capture some data.  Closing and restarting takes care of the problem, but hate to leave the computer unattended as I am going away for a four day  weekend.
Beta Testing / BT 117 Bicolored select Line Annoying
August 20, 2011, 11:27:58 PM
The new bicolored selected line  indicator  :o makes it hard to read the data under the select line.  It should be changed to just one color so that the eyes do not have to adjust so  much to read the data selected.   This must really be bad for color blind persons.  Its just cosmatic, but annoying. :-\
Beta Testing / BT 1.15
August 10, 2011, 09:17:49 AM
Group not being saved across exit and start.  When Mutiple groups are selected, they are not saved across exiting and restarting.  Always seems to default to first group.  Am running XP3 with all fixes.

Receive the following errors when ever Chess960@home is running.  I place this error here because the missing files are in the BT\html\ folder.  Have also added this to the Chess@home forum.

Re21 July 2011 - 19:41:42 Html create ---- ERROR: Unable to find: C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\eFMer\BoincTasks\html\tasks_template.html
21 July 2011 - 19:41:42 Start Ftp ---- ERROR: Unable to start: C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\eFMer\BoincTasks\html\ftp.bat