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I looked into it and ran into way too many problems that I can't solve. 0 is a kind of magic number that runs throughout the program.
If possible, use a number > 0.
Why not use another fake number like 9999
OK I will release 1.95 that fixes this soon.
You can check Ignore syntax errors to apply the changes anyway.
You can easily add that to C:\Program Files\eFMer\BoincTasks

Do you have the full xml that makes it easier for me.
It's almost impossible to resolve.
Just a dumb question, why don't you assign a dummy version number that is > 0 instead of none that results in 0
Beta Testing / Re: Escape keys in dialog boxes
June 06, 2024, 06:56:35 AM
Will be fixed in 1.94
I tested it with a machine that runs several BOINC instances on different ports with the same IP address.
All seems to work as it should.

Computers are sorted alphabetically, you should be able to sort up to 3 columns as shown in the link above.

If you miss something, add an issue in Github

Quote from: Keith Myers on May 08, 2024, 10:36:32 PMDoes Fred even bother to read his HELP forums?
He does, but not as frequently. At the moment I'm busy with other things, in a month or so I should have much more time.
OK Added to the todo list
If you want to enlarge the Computer sidebar, once you see the two arrows click.
The window itself is now enlarged, but the border stays.
Now drag the border with the two arrows where you want it, larger or smaller.
Release the mouse button and you are set.
If the sidebar is still too small, repeat.
It's not optimal, but it's really complicated to change, for something you do maybe only once.

Values are probably stored when you do File Exit, or immediately, I'm not sure.

Added to the todo list.
Don't know if it works, but click on the first and shift click on the last.
The download is already gone, you can use the email address that is mentioned in the program.
Questions / Re: Update feature didn't work
February 12, 2024, 02:41:39 AM
OK, open the debug logging and look for (userData)
Generally C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\BoincTasks Js

Should be in folder temp , file btj_setup.exe
Always the same exe name regardless of version.
Why not use the Lan port?
Don't know what you want to do but Bluetooth isn't fast.
Why not USB <-> Wifi that's super fast.
Maybe the best option add a WiFi PCIe card, $30.