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In 1.64 the ?? should be gone.
Confirmed, thanks for the quick fix!

The project url should match to what you find in BoincTasks Projects -> Properties "Master URL"
hmm, all stat sites don't show ?/? for the projects I mentioned, so they must be using something else. Probably something like the "Master URL"-Property.
Can't BT also use this Property?

I'm running BOINC 7.2.42 and BT 1.63. With the default settings of BT I see only ?/? at the columns  "Project rank" and "Team rank"
As explained in the help for the Expert settings for BT, I need to fill in my CPID by hand, because only with BOINC 7.4.13 and newer the projects will provide the CPID.
Doing so still gives ?/? at (at least) the following projects:
 - boincsimap at
 - Mindmodeling@Beta at
 - LHC@Home 1.0 at

All these projects have changed their url during the last year or so. As earlier discussed with Fred we concluded that the old url for these projects was used by BT. I kind of expected that this was fixed in BT 1.63, but apparently not?

Questions / Re: How to Acvtivate Project and Team Ranks
« on: May 29, 2014, 09:25:50 pm »
Doh! Of course it are the CPID's of the connected computers, sorry about that ;D
So you could start using the CPID of the connected computer. If that gives no info, use the CPID(s) from the expert tab?

Questions / Re: How to Acvtivate Project and Team Ranks
« on: May 29, 2014, 02:04:08 pm »
If the computer where BT is installed is not used for crunching, there is no computer CPID...

Questions / Re: How to Acvtivate Project and Team Ranks
« on: May 29, 2014, 01:56:08 pm »
Just to be sure: you are using the CPID of the BOINC-user at the expert-tab, not the CPID of the host?
Because the CPID of the host can change often...

Questions / Re: How to Acvtivate Project and Team Ranks
« on: May 29, 2014, 01:27:12 pm »
Yes, i did fill in my CPID (36a6d488ab7a8300adc114ce5af660c4) in the expert tab, it is the same in all projects I crunch for.
But for some projects the ?/? is still shown and for others the correct positions:

Project                           Project position Team Position  Team
boincsimap                        ?/?              ?/?            BOINCstats
CERNVM/Vboxwrapper Test Project   ?/?              ?/?            BOINCstats
Docking                           ?/?              ?/?            BOINCstats
LHC@home 1.0                      ?/?              ?/?            BOINCstats
MindModeling@Beta                 ?/?              ?/?            BOINCstats
NumberFields@home                 727/3.256        10/10          BOINCstats

Did a little debugging... Looks like BoincTasks is using an old (outdated) project-url for the projects showing ?/?.

Example: found for SIMAP the old url in file [CPID].xml in the xml-folder. After changing it to the current url and restarting BT:
boincsimap   172/34.486   13/52   BOINCstats

Probably an easy fix (always use recent project-url for creating [CPID].xml) for the next version of BT?

Definitely a problem with firewall. Uninstalling F-secure (and disabling Windows Firewall) did the trick. BAM! makes the connection and all the ready tasks from the projects are reported.
Case closed!
Reminder to myself: do install a proper firewall ;D

Tried it with BM, same result, but thanx for the suggestion.
Found another thread at SIMAP, claiming it could be the F-Secure Firewall. Will try to replace F-secure with Avira, to see if that's making a difference....

Nah, Willy said it's something with the rpc on the host. Still debugging...

Questions / Error Adding BAM! Accountmanager: Addproject: Error -199
« on: July 01, 2012, 07:00:34 pm »
Having trouble with adding the BAM! Accountmanager on the host where Boinctasks (1.35) is installed:
496         1-7-2012 20:43:43   [http] HTTP_OP::init_post():   
497         1-7-2012 20:43:43   [http] HTTP_OP::libcurl_exec(): ca-bundle set   
498         1-7-2012 20:43:43   Contacting account manager at   
499         1-7-2012 20:43:43   [http] [ID#0] Info:  About to connect() to port 80 (#0)   
500         1-7-2012 20:43:43   [http] [ID#0] Info:    Trying   
501         1-7-2012 20:43:43   [http] [ID#0] Info:  Connected to ( port 80 (#0)   
502         1-7-2012 20:43:43   [http] [ID#0] Info:  Connected to ( port 80 (#0)   
503         1-7-2012 20:43:43   [http] [ID#0] Sent header to server: POST /rpc.php HTTP/1.1
504         1-7-2012 20:43:43   [http] [ID#0] Sent header to server: User-Agent: BOINC client (windows_x86_64 7.0.28)
505         1-7-2012 20:43:43   [http] [ID#0] Sent header to server: Host:
506         1-7-2012 20:43:43   [http] [ID#0] Sent header to server: Accept: */*
507         1-7-2012 20:43:43   [http] [ID#0] Sent header to server: Accept-Encoding: deflate, gzip
508         1-7-2012 20:43:43   [http] [ID#0] Sent header to server: Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
509         1-7-2012 20:43:43   [http] [ID#0] Sent header to server: Content-Length: 28947
510         1-7-2012 20:43:43   [http] [ID#0] Sent header to server: Expect: 100-continue
511         1-7-2012 20:43:43   [http] [ID#0] Sent header to server:
512         1-7-2012 20:43:44   [http] [ID#0] Info:  Done waiting for 100-continue   
513         1-7-2012 20:48:49   [http] [ID#0] Info:  Operation too slow. Less than 2 bytes/sec transferred the last 300 seconds   
514         1-7-2012 20:48:49   [http] [ID#0] Info:  Closing connection #0   
515         1-7-2012 20:48:49   [http] HTTP error: Timeout was reached   
516   1-7-2012 20:48:50   Message from account manager: transient HTTP error   
The error is a bit cryptic to me:

Could this be BT-related?

Edit: I've also posted this on to see if it is BAM-related...

Wish List / Re: Filter for history tab
« on: October 07, 2011, 02:53:21 pm »
V22 crashed after using the long term history, V23 (as of this moment after using 5 minutes) not. Very nice feature, I would give 2 thumbs up if possible!

Questions / Re: Remote PCs 'Not connected'
« on: September 12, 2011, 02:38:03 pm »
Just to be sure it's not a firewall-problem: have you tried to disable firewall on all 3 rigs and then to connect through BT or BOINC-manager?

Wish List / Filter for history tab
« on: September 10, 2011, 08:34:57 pm »
Having 20+ projects and sometimes fiddling around to optimize settings for 1 project: I would like to use a right-click filter to see only tasks of a specific project on the history-tab, similar like it's now on the messages-tab. That would make this already very nice proggie a very very nice proggie 8)

Questions / Re: Remote PCs 'Not connected'
« on: September 10, 2011, 07:56:34 pm »
Have you checked firewall-setting on all systems?
By the way: BT is only needed at the host on which you will control the other two.

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