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Questions / Re: Translation problem and no...
Last post by fred - January 26, 2024, 02:10:25 PM
In the debug section and in the logging files some things might only be in English.
Questions / Re: Translation problem and no...
Last post by fred - January 24, 2024, 03:48:13 PM
The next release is on hold for your translation.
It can stay that way for a week or so, until I run out of time to work on BoincTasks Js.
Questions / Re: Two Questions
Last post by fred - January 24, 2024, 03:44:57 PM
1) It's what the system reports, the Windows store version is 32 bit only.
2) X should minimize not close - should do the same thing.
Questions / Re: Wrong download file pointi...
Last post by fred - January 24, 2024, 03:41:34 PM
If it's the Windows store version, follow the instructions on the download page.

If you want to update and you don't see the new version on the Store website
Search for Microsoft Store on your computer, type in BoincTasks Js and click on it, you will most likely see an update button.
Questions / Re: Translation problem and no...
Last post by Corsair - January 21, 2024, 06:47:00 PM
Diving in instructions found my fault, now downloaded the translation as "Key-Value JSON (.json)" and now working correctly with translated file, and also testing it.

still there are some strings not ready to translate, still in English with no translation string available.
Questions / Re: Windows version
Last post by Corsair - January 21, 2024, 05:51:44 PM
Found the trick in:
in the subchapter Temperature.

the only I fight was that I could not see the apply button in the lower center.
Questions / Two Questions
Last post by Corsair - January 21, 2024, 05:10:36 PM
1- Why is program showing?
system running on platform: win32 , architecture: ARM64

should be winARM64 and ARM64.
I did a double check in the task administrator - details - and all the instances of boinctasksjs are running in arm64 native.

2- How could be done closing click on 'x' and minimize to task bar?
instead of closing the program.
Questions / Windows version
Last post by Corsair - January 21, 2024, 05:04:16 PM
Running on Windows 11 ARM64, latest version, let say running as server, not running BOINC in this computer.

all other computers running windows 11 x64 and TThrotle 7.78, no temperature neither CPU usage shown in app.
Questions / Wrong download file pointing
Last post by Corsair - January 21, 2024, 04:48:17 PM
windows version it says that 2.4 version but downloads only 2.1

and when click in update it download the file but not installs it.
Questions / Translation problem and not lo...
Last post by Corsair - January 21, 2024, 04:45:52 PM
Windows 11 ARM64

Done all steps and step by step with Spanish translation.

after File -> restart, program doesn´t restart, double click on icon and only start, if it wants to, a simple windows with not so much data.
after deleting the translation.json of settings folder the program starts as should be.

after restarting the program without the translation file these are the readings of the debug log:
Quote17:19:50 Main,getTranslation, translation.json not found.
17:19:50 BoincTasks Js, V 2.4.
17:19:50 Electron: V 28.1.3.
17:19:50 Node: V 18.18.2.
17:19:50 Highcharts:^11.1.0.
17:19:50 Xml2js:^0.6.2.
17:19:50 System running on platform: win32 ,architecture: arm64.
17:19:50 Folder app: C:\Users\corsa.
17:19:50 Folder data: (appData) C:\Users\corsa\AppData\Roaming.
17:19:50 Folder data: (userData) C:\Users\corsa\AppData\Roaming\BoincTasks Js.
17:19:50 Locale: es , ES.
17:19:51 main, showApp showArg: arg is empty.
17:19:51 main, showApp actual: true.
17:19:52 Read state: S-701.
17:19:52 Read state: U-2321.
17:19:52 Read state: U-3501.

of course the translation file not found, but not able to find the log when the file is present in the folder.

could be this one:
Quote17:19:32 [info] BoincTasks Js, V 2.4
17:19:33 [info] Electron: V 28.1.3
17:19:33 [info] Node: V 18.18.2
17:19:33 [info] Highcharts:^11.1.0
17:19:33 [info] Xml2js:^0.6.2
17:19:33 [info] [main, createWindow] start
17:19:33 [info] ERROR [main, createWindow] Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'MN_FILE')<br>TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'MN_FILE')
    at initMenu (C:\Program Files\eFMer\BoincTasks-Js\resources\app.asar\main.js:377:28)
    at createWindow (C:\Program Files\eFMer\BoincTasks-Js\resources\app.asar\main.js:789:7)
    at C:\Program Files\eFMer\BoincTasks-Js\resources\app.asar\main.js:915:5
17:19:45 [info] [main, createWindow] will-quit
17:19:45 [info] [main, createWindow] quit
17:19:45 [info] [main, appExit] isQuiting