Regulate the amount of work on your computer / project

Started by fred, October 31, 2012, 09:01:03 AM

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To enable the work regulator in V 1.43 and up:

The work regulator will not allow you to get MORE work than you would normally get. It's purpose is the maximize the amount or work.

Add a file called config.xml (found in examples)
And add:

      <max_tasks>              5000   </max_tasks>
      <days_work_requested>    10   </days_work_requested>

MAKE SURE: To save the file as ANSI.

max_tasks is the max amount of work you like to get.
days_work_requested is the work buffer that corresponds to 5000 work units.

5000 and 10 are just examples and have to be adjusted to reflect the values needed on your system.