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Swedish cloud

Started by Bernt, October 21, 2013, 08:52:55 AM

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Managed to connect to the cloud via Mozilla Firefox but not with IE 8. No big deal with that.

It is working very nicely. A question, is there a need to translate the cloud to swedish? If so, I am willing to help with that.

Inside the different views there are some technical difficulties with the swedish letter å ä ö which is very strange for many people. This little problem I think is related to the use of the international charactherset.

To be more specific, the problem with swedish caracthers is inside projects and properties.



Quote from: Bernt on October 21, 2013, 08:52:55 AM
To be more specific, the problem with Swedish characters is inside projects and properties.
I corrected the properties in Projects and Tasks.
Is there a problem in properties as well? If so what column?

IE 10-11 are supported as are Chrome and Firefox.

For the translation, I'll wait until there are enough users, at the moment the usage is low.


Dator:   NRKWXC05
Projekt   Moo! Wrapper
Huvud URL
Anv�ndarnamn   Bernt J
Delad resurs   100
Dator id   20447
Ej CPU intensiv   Nej
Vilar via GUI   Nej
Beg�r ej mer arbete   Nej
Schemalagt anrop p�g�r   Nej
Ansluten via kontohanterare   Ja
Koppla ifr�n n�r klar   Nej
Klar   Nej
Anv�ndare   9.368.416,00 Användare
V�rd   9.362.512,00
Korrektion faktor varaktighet   1,0052140000
Schemalagd prioritet   -1,04
CPU backoff tid   --
Backoff Intervall   -

You can see that there are some letters not filled in correctly.


Quote from: Bernt on October 23, 2013, 01:54:23 PM
Dator:   NRKWXC05
Projekt   Moo! Wrapper
For the properties tab in Projects and Tasks I found the problem.
The question was, is there another problem?


No I didn´t find anything more.