Intel GPU detection and throttling?

Started by Mike, December 21, 2013, 12:09:09 PM

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I'm using and Intel i5 3210M Ivy Bridge processor that has the HD4000 graphics. It took a few different driver tests, but I finally got the Open CL2 Intel driver that works with BOINC. BOINC now recognizes my GPU and utilizes it. However, TThrottle isn't detecting the GPU. Therefor, I can't throttle it. Another program I found (CPU-Z) detects it and tells me all the speeds and temps, but doesn't have anything that would allow me to throttle it. Now that I have tasks using the iGPU, my computer is running much hotter. The only way I can remedy this is to really limit my CPU tasks with TThrottle. But, most times, that actually causes the GPU to run up to it's max and much hotter. I've learned that this is because I've opened up CPU resources that some GPU tasks also need to feed the GPU info, thus making the GPU able run full out. So right now, the GPU can either run at max or not at all, which requires me to stop GPU tasks. Is there a way to get TThrottle to recognize these Intel GPUs and allow us to throttle them like it does for other GPUs? Many projects are added more and more tasks for Intel GPU processing. So, it'd be great to have a TThrottle that could handle them.