BT History Analyzer for GRC mining

Started by JStateson, August 10, 2019, 06:56:17 PM

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I added a feature to compare GPU boards.  GRC mining frequently has a mining rack with 6 or more GPUs.

As shown below, There are 10 assorted nVidia boards recognized by BOINC.  The system TB85-nvidia is running the Linux app "cuda90" and shows 9351 work units completed successfully.  The "Type Analysis" shows the GPU option and the last 5.27 hours were analyzed and organized by GPU#.  Note that the gtx1070 Ti had the best performance with the GTX1060's slower.  The display is elapsed time in minutes.

Source to build the app (windows c#) and links to the executables as well as instructions for running the program are in the Boinctasks History Analyzer & Project performance post.  Feel free to email or PM me any questions, bugs, suggestions, etc.  I assume you can also post here.  I put a zip file with 32 and 64 bit executables here  This app uses dotnet framework 4.6.1 but I assume anything later could also be installed to allow it to run.

The following show how many credits were earned in the last 1.2 days.  Note that the system needs to be continuously mining in addition to boinctasks running constantly during the 1.2 days.

Added feature:  can plot wall time -vs- elapsed time to see changes in GPU performance.

All, or Individua,l GPUs can be scatter graphed to show differences in elapsed time. 

In addition, one can offset each GPU to see if there are differences in the processing of the data.
For example, the first graph shows a 5 GPU processing Milkyway datasets.  Once offset, it is
obvious that there are two different type of datasets some of which take longer to get the same