Setting a Rule based on Throttle percent

Started by archeye, July 19, 2019, 09:11:38 PM

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Can I set a rule to suspend a single task at the next checkpoint if the Throttle goes above a certain threshold?

I did look in the BoincTasks Settings, Rules but there did not seem to be an option to select based on Throttle value.

For instance I have 2 GPU tasks and when they both run the Throttle is 99% which makes it totally impractical to run them.

If I run one of them then the Throttle value is reduced to 50% which (for me) is ok.

Here is the example of the 2 tasks, thanks.

Here is the image showing when 1 (large) Primegrid task runs the Throttle is 50% (it is the same, 50% Throttle, when I choose either of the Primegrid tasks shown in the first image).

Is it perhaps the Throttle is not working correctly for this situation?

I have 2 Nvidia 980 cards so if any one of these 2 GPU task runs then the Throttle is 50%

But when I run both together then the Throttle goes up very quickly to 99%.


Isn't it easier to set the Project to one CPU task, in the project website setting
And limit the number of SETI tasks that run at the same time in the project settings.

Probably better:
Or go to Extra -> BOINC Preference set processors to e.g 80% disabling at least one thread. This will cool the CPU and gives other threads more time.

Make sure not to load the CPU up to 100% to leave room for the GPU thread to run at max speed.


Thanks Fred for the reply.

QuoteIsn't it easier to set the Project to one CPU task, in the project website setting

I will look for this setting on the project website but I have not seen it so far.

You should know I am not really sure what I am doing and by just running tasks without adjusting BoincTasks settings has probably added to my problem.

The way I am doing it now is to just run 1 of these Primegrid tasks on a GPU with nothing running on the second GPU. While this is very much a workaround and really does not make best use of the 2 separate GPU's it is all I can do atm.

I will however look into your suggestions even though I do not fully understand what I would need to do.


It's a real waste not to use both GPU cards.
Take a look at
Nvidia fan speed or afterburner.

Running the fans a higher speed (automatically) often does wonders to the GPU temperature.
Don't be shy to run the GPU hot they are designed that way.