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Started by archeye, July 22, 2019, 06:27:14 AM

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I have been trying for about 2 days now but my host PC running BoincTasks just does not find my laptop.

Both use Windows 10 64bit are on my home network and in windows settings I selected private network and confirm discovery and file sharing is active.

I even used the following link to be sure the services and windows features needed were running/installed on both.


When I open a file explorer and choose network then I see both my PC and Laptop and correctly they have the Public folders. This is the same on PC and laptop.

On the Laptop TThrottle, Boinc Manager and Boinc Toolbox 64 is running with all 6 boxes are ticked as per your website instructions.

The laptop firewall is set so Boinc Client and Boinc Toolbox has access for private network.

On my PC there is no firewall entry for Boinc anything. Maybe this is the problem?

I had been running both independently and had downloaded BoincTasks onto both so the only part of your instruction I did not follow was to copy the Toolbox from my PC to my Laptop.

Also I left the Toolbox settings to use the default Dynamic IP.


Did you find this: https://efmer.com/boinctasks-add-computers/
A basic test is to open the command prompt and enter ping xxx.xxx.xx.xx one both computers.
The xx is the IP address of the other computer.
Try to connect with BoincTasks and check the BOINC log of the remote computer for any messages. It might show a reject.

When using the Toolbox do you get any error messages or items that aren't checked with the green OK.


1. yes i did use the instructions from your website.
2. I do not need to ping the laptop, it is already recognised by windows on my host PC "Mary"

There were no errors in the Toolbox on the laptop. I even enabled  the debug so more info could be shown.


OK Check the BOINC client log on computer Mary, the connection attempt might show up in the log.
My guess the BOINC client refuses to connect, maybe password or IP related.
When you run the Toolbox on the your pc the one with BoincTasks any errors?