Unable to Detach from a Project

Started by archeye, February 05, 2020, 02:38:16 PM

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I have detached from projects before so am happy that this works fine.

I want to detach from GoofyxGrid but I command the detach and its still there listed on the project page.

Is there another way to remove a project or maybe there is a setting somewhere preventing this?

I suppose I could delete directories on my PC or maybe I need to close BoincTasks and try and remove it using Boinc Manager.

Update: After checking in Boinc Manager I see this project listed and also the "Remove" button is greyed out.


Ok I found out how to do this. Issue Solved.

Within BoincTasks I had an Account Manager: BoincStats selected.

Once I removed this I then had full control and could Detach from projects.