Calculating credit per day for several systems

Started by JStateson, February 09, 2020, 03:56:54 PM

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If you have several systems running the same app, the BoincTasks history reader can now estimate the total number of work units per day you can complete.  This takes into account idle time between completion of work units.  You need to have minimum of 24 hours of BT history.

You will need to know the averaged credit per work unit. For some projects and apps, the amount is fixed.  For example. Einstein-at-home's Gamma Ray Pulse Binary search #1 is always 3,465 credits.  Other projects require the average be calculated.  That can be done using this web site

For example:  this url represents one of the current board leader at SETI.  If you click on that url and then select "calculate" you will see an average of about 80 credits per work units based on 20 works units.

Once you have the average credit per work units you can estimate your total throughput by running the BT history reader and selecting all the histories for each system that is running, for the example below, Einstein.  The BT reader will then show all the apps that all the systems are running.  You must then select only the apps for which you have the average credit.  A shown below, the apps for Gamma Ray Pulse Binary search #1  have been selected.  You can then click on the "SAVE" to get a listing on notepad of the number of work units per day.  That number can then be multiplied by the average credit per work unit.  A shown below the estimated credits per day would be around 14,000,000.  Due to the way projects calculate the actual daily credit, it may take 2-3 weeks at 24/7 before that value shows up.

Executables are here (there is no install, just a zip file)
All sources are at GitHub and require VS2017
The above includes the web app "HostProjectStats" sources.