Removing dead entry on projects tab

Started by keithhenry, August 31, 2022, 01:40:37 AM

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Normally, you can right click on an entry shown on the projects tab to take actions for a project on a specific computer. I have two entries that are "dead". Right clicking on either does nothing. No pop up listing actions you can take. I would like to remove these two entries. I expect that I will need to shut down BT and BOINC as well, make a backup copy of the relevant file, and then very carefully edit the file to do this. I suspect it's a BOINC file but have been unable to determine which one. Can someone point me to the right file?

FWIW, the two entries are for computers I was trying to attach to WCG during its move. I think neither entry ever got processed which may account for why nothing happens when right clicking on either.



I know there is something wrong with WCG master URL, it should use http but adds https this gives a warning, but seems to work OK.

To remove a project first try the build in BOINC Manager, it might be able to remove it.
Otherwise look here
You need to close the BOINC client before trying the edit the file.
I guess removing the block <project> everyting in between </project> should do the trick.

That said you might better ask in the BOINC forum.


You can try, select the project in the project tab.
Next click on update in the toolbar.
This might solve things.


Problem resolved. Just in case someone else has the problem, this is what is all was. Two machines involved, both Ubuntu boxes, no GUI, command line only. Had done the BOINCCMD --program_attach command from these boxes instead of through BOINC or BOINCTASKS. A fresh look resulted in another oh geez moment. There was a very obscure typo in the URL used. Detaching via the console using the same bad url fixed. Apparently cataract surgery only improves your vision, not the eye-brain coordination.