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The todo list
« on: March 19, 2021, 02:19:32 pm »
Did you know you can report problems here on Github

V 1.11


Enable / disable columns.
Set Column order
Add BoincTasks "original" columns
Add: BoincTasks Setting, Socket timeout.
Fixed: Boinc settings shows blank screen if local global_prefs_override.xml is missing.
Fixed: Connection timeout problems, resulting in busy message.
Fixed: Failed to detach from project.

In progress:

V 1.12

Add: REC column in projects (1.12 OK)
Add: Rules (limited alpha version)
Added: Show->Debug Debugging purposes only. (1.12 OK)
Changed: Tasks show instead of result.wu_name. (Github) (1.12 OK)
Fixed: Tasks -> Properties shows undefined fields. (1.12 OK)
Fixed: CPU and Progress missing fraction. (Github) (1.12 OK)
Fixed: Removed test context message on header.  (1.12 OK)
Fixed: Opened filters on more than one computer at once.  (1.12 OK)
Fixed: Ready to report filter doesn't add elapsed time. (1.12 OK)

Wait list:

A disconnected computer seems to slow down startup.

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