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The languages.xml file explained
« on: December 21, 2009, 03:09:48 pm »
This is what's in the file:


Edit the file with a simple text editor like notepad(.exe)

The languages.xml is located in the folder /lang just below the BoincTasks.exe
These languages are displayed in Extra->Settings->General->Language.

To add an additional language, add the following:


The language name is displayed in the dropdown list as Nederlands (Dutch).
The id number can be found in Help->Show Log as:

User: 1043 (NLD), System: 1043 (NLD), Used: 1033 (ENU)

User: User selected language.
System: The OS installed language.
Use: The actually selected language.

The language selection sequence is:

1) The selected language.
2) The User language.
3) The System language.
4) The Fallback language 1033 (ENU) = English.

The initial selection is the first item in the list. In this case System = no language selected use User, System or Fallback.

Make sure you use the latest Beta version with the latest text.
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