Unable to connect to Kindle Fire BOINC

Started by Keith Myers, March 13, 2022, 04:02:15 AM

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Keith Myers

I have not been able to figure out how to connect to the BOINC running on my Kindle Fire HD8 tablet.
Find Computers does not find it.
Toolbox does not find it.
Manually adding the IP address and password does not find.
Running the latest BOINC 7.18.1 APK from BOINC website.
Set allow remote connections in the Advanced menus in BOINC
Input the remote password that I use in all my hosts.
Totally unable to even find where BOINC is installed in the device so I can look at cc_config.xml or rpc_auth.cfg.
Windows is unable to find BOINC with Windows Explorer when searching the internal storage.
A Kindle File manager app cannot find anything of BOINC's installation either.
It's like it is hidden or something.
All the standard places that BOINC is supposed to be installed in Android in the DATA directory has nothing of BOINC's installation.
No mention of Kindle when searching this website. I assume I am the only one to attempt running BOINC on a Kindle Fire.
Anybody have any answers or solutions?


Quote from: Keith Myers on March 13, 2022, 04:02:15 AM
Anybody have any answers or solutions?
The official Android App can't communicate the anyone, it's not built in as far as I know.
I made one that can https://efmer.com/android/download-boinc-for-android/ but I didn't test it on Fire.
But BOINC isn't too stable, and it blew up one of my old phones.

Keith Myers

Thanks for the confirmation that there is nothing wrong with my BT installation or the BOINC installation of the most recent client.
Not to be I guess.
Will have to access the device locally to see what it is doing.