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Doesn't seem to monitor 4 GPUs

Started by hucker, May 14, 2022, 01:36:07 AM

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I have four identical GPUs on a system (not crossfired).  One is too hot, the other three are ok.  I want to use Tthrottle to slow down Boinc on the hot one only.  But Tthrottle only detects one temperature.  When I connect it to GPU-Z, it detects four identical temperatures (even though within GPU-Z there are 4 different ones).  It can't see HWInfo for some reason.  How do I throttle one card?


Step one on the External tab: GPUZ (checked) you should select 4 different GPUs.
There is a description to run HWiNFO as well.


I checked all 4, but they all read the same temperature.  Somehow Tthrottle was reading the same sensor from GPU-Z 4 times.

It didn't see HWInfo at all.  And I don't like this: "HWiNFO, when using the installer, the 64 bit version stops working after 12 hours."

I've taken the easy way out, I just lowered the clock speed for the offending GPU.


Can't you set the fan profile for that card?


The fans are at 100% from the profile I put on it and it still goes to about 85C and crashes the machine.  It's the original fans, they're working fine, but a huge amount of piping hot worryingly smelly air blasts out of it.  It's in pretty spacious air in a 25C room.  It does receive a bit of hot air from a nearby GPU, but not much.  Not sure why it's so hot.  It seems happy at 2/3rds clock and is now sitting just below 80C.