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No GPU temperature shown

Started by KLiK, October 19, 2022, 07:07:04 PM

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Hi all,
also, as I do have 2 cards in my system, both of them are detected & shown in Loggin sheet, with both temperatures detected.

But on Program sheet, no GPU is shown detected - only 0°C is shown in GPU detection. What is the deal with that? How to come over it? Has anybody had similar issue?



Maybe you should have to try with the feature of external tab and using one of the accepted:
GPU-Z running in the background together with TThrotle and also if needed Open hardware monitor.

I had similar issue with CPU temp in AMD processor and APUs and also with Intel GPU embebed in Intel processors.

from the computer I'm writing, working with BOINC & TThrotle Nombre del dispositivo   S-701
Processor   Intel(R) Celeron(R) J4125 with UHD Graphic 600 and TThrotle doesn't show the GPU temp, running GPU-Z in the background and set-up to run at system start-up and minimized and set-up TT in the external tab with feature GPU-Z enable with (yes CPU temperature) in GPU1 drop-down menu I got in TT CPU and also different reading for GPU temp.

also found same problem with AMD CPUs, I solved it installing Open Hardware monitor and doing the same as above for CPU temp in the correspondent sub-menu of External tab.

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Using GPU-Z will not work, as it will show only SINGLE card & can't monitor multiple cards.

Tried that, but the thermal management is only available for a single card.  ???

Using GPU-Z 2.43.0 with Tthrottle v7.72 on Win10 x64.


GPUZ and HWINFO should be able to detect more than one GPU. Chapter External


Hi, they do detect more than 1 GPU...but only show temps from 1 GPU, one or the other.  :o

So no luck here.


Quote from: KLiK on December 20, 2022, 03:33:33 PM
Hi, they do detect more than 1 GPU...but only show temps from 1 GPU, one or the other.  :o

So no luck here.
In the External tab you should be able the select the source for GPU 1 and GPU 2.


Selecting GPU-1 or GPU-2, always gives me only single option for GPU. Can't add more on v7.7.2

But Beta v7.7.8 works OK so far, all 3 temps present of all 3 GPUs. 8)



Noticed also, that the system only shows 1 logical nvidia & 1 physical nvidia. See image here:

While I have 3 cards in my system: