How to use BoincTasks on Linux

Started by fred, June 15, 2011, 07:06:10 AM

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Take a look at BoincTasks Js that has a Linux build.

BoincTasks as of V 1.08 can run on Linux.
You need to install: Wine the compatibility layer. But wait, don't do that yet, as a lot of distributions provide better ways to install Wine.

Ubuntu example:
Applications->Ubuntu Software Center. Search for Wine and install the compatibility layer.
Now download BoincTasks.
Open the terminal, and cd into the directory where the .EXE is located.
Now type wine setup_32_64_boinc_tasks_1_7_8.exe (Make sure the version matches the download).
This starts the BoincTasks installer.
You can find BoincTasks in: Applications->Wine->Programs->eFMer BoincTasks
Or click on "Search your computer" and search for boinc, next click on the BoincTasks icon to start BoincTasks.

Use localhost as the IP address and leave the password blank or get the password from: etc->boinc-client->gui_rpc_auth.cfg. (You need root access to read this file)

Useful information:
BoincTasks is installed in a virtual drive. Applications->Wine->Browse C Drive->Program Files->eFMer.
You can find the user folder in users->username->Application Data->eFMer->BoincTasks.

Fedora example:

The wine meta package is available via yum through the EPEL / Fedora Extras / Fedora repository by running $ yum install wine

And of course you have to  download BoincTasks