BT will not let me select the host BOINC Preferences and windows keep unfocusing

Started by Skillz, April 30, 2023, 05:24:19 PM

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When I select a computer on the left side bar, then go to Extra > BOINC Preferences

The window that opens tells me it's the localhost, [lost host name]

Not the computer I am trying to open.

This only happens on some of them, which are new and do not have any projects on them yet. Trying to get the settings setup before adding the projects seems near impossible.

Anytime I have a menu window open on BT, such as the add new projects menu, the focus keeps getting returned to the main BT window. Thus making it nearly impossible to type my username/email and password for the project I want to add.


Right that function was there before the sidebar.
It takes the computer from a selected item.
I added it to the todo list.

I checked 1.90 adding a project and the focus stays on the add project dialog.
Maybe there is an open Notice or alert??