BT 1.91 stealing focus

Started by ElGuillermo, July 06, 2023, 07:38:16 AM

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Hi !

I recently had some trouble on my Windows 11 machine (22H2 22623.1325) :

from time to time (could be 3 seconds, could be 3 minutes), something steals the current window's focus.

This is particularly annoying, since it can happen when I'm typing text in a form and, without noticing, I may find myself typing in the void, loosing my text (or worse : sending it somewhere I didn't intend to. Think about privacy/security).

It also can happen when I'm gaming in "borderless window" mode : suddenly, I can't control my game anymore as long as I click back on its window.

I first thought it was the Windows file explorer, or a strange MS Edge bug, but couldn't stop the stealing 100% of the time when closing them.

So I've found a little program called "Windows Focus Logger" (see : It clearly shows that "BoincTasks 1.91 (Tasks)" is the culprit.

So : I do not know anything about Windows UI rules or code, but when I close BoincTasks, the stealing goes away. Never had a problem of this kind with BT for years... Maybe something has changed in its inner code ?


This is generally a Notice.
Go to BoincTasks Setting and remove the check at Show alert every...
Otherwise you might set up a rule.

Nothing changed that I know off that could cause this.
I'm using Windows 11 on my own machine.


Hello Fred !

OK. I'll try that. I didn't change anything in BT settings. This "bug" doesn't even appear everyday... Sometimes it's here, sometimes I do not experience it at all for days.

I'll investigate more when I'll get back to the PC, in 15 days~.

Thanks and have a nice summertime !


Ok, let me know if you find anything.

Have a nice time,