BoincTasks JS beta 2.1 release 2.0

Started by Aurum, September 20, 2023, 11:25:22 AM

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1. With "Show CPU tasks" unchecked any WUs that display something, e.g. 3 CPUs, in the "Use" column are still displayed.
2. On the Projects tab highlighting a range executes the command for maybe the top 2 row, 1 row or none. Previous release worked fine.
3. Occasionally WUs marked "At checkpoint" keep running and the verbose label in Status column "| Checkpoint ⏸ Don't close or leave window" is removed.
4. Adjusting column widths is difficult.
5. No way to remove highlighting on all rows with at least one row remaining highlighted.
6. Reinstating right-click functions would be convenient.


OK added to my git issue list.
5) Use Control click to add and remove selected items.


V 2.2 Added Context menu, easier than expected and it is indeed a better way.