"Extra, boinc prefs" gets wrong computer

Started by hucker, August 02, 2023, 02:58:23 PM

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I have a load of Windows computers which Boinctasks works with fine.  But I have some oddities - a 2nd instance of Boinc on the same machine, using a different port.  And a Virtual Linux machine (Oracle Virtualbox) on the same machine (different IP).  Both these don't work with the "Extra, boinc prefs" menu if I'm in the task tab and select one computer on the left - instead it shows the prefs for a different machine, possibly the last one I looked at the preferences for.  If I go into the computers tab and select one computer not on the left column but in the main section, it gets the right one.



I tested it with a machine that runs several BOINC instances on different ports with the same IP address.
All seems to work as it should.