Cuda Tab: CPU/GPU feeder program priority setting.

Started by fred, May 21, 2009, 10:25:06 AM

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You need to enable TThrottle by setting "Auto Active" otherwise this will not work.

The CPU/GPU feeder program, called something like MB_6.08_CUDA.exe, feeds the CPU with data (CUDA).

To keep the GPU busy it is essential that the CPU keeps sending data as fast as possible, failing to do so can mean that less work is done.
TThrottle has a tab called "Thread" and a priority setting. Normal this is set to "Keep" this means TThrottle doesn't change a thing.
By clicking on "Text" you can see the current priority settings of the program and its threads.
Elevating the priority  to "Below Normal" or "Normal" can get you a better feeding of the GPU.
The downside is that other programs get less time assigned, so this may cause the keyboard to freeze at times. If this features gives some results (feedback please) I will add a method to switch this on, only when the computer is not in use.

:o WARNING: A priority setting above Normal may create an instable system as there may not be enough time for other critical tasks! So be aware of the danger. A higher setting than normal is only to be used on a system with at least 4 cores and even than the results may be unpredictable.

Thread: Is a program started by the main program.

Priority: The higher the priority the more likely the program or threads get time assigned to it to run.
From high to low the priorities are: High - Above Normal - Normal - Below normal - Low (idle).
Idle threads run only when the system is not busy with anything else. This is the normal project setting of projects running in BOINC.

PID: Program identifier, all running programs and threads have a unique number assigned to it.

Kernel: The Windows program doing something for the program or thread.
User: The program or thread itself.

Feature supported as of V 1.58

Checkout the manual:

As of version 1.73 this feature is no longer part of the default installation. On the download page look for TThrottle Special Edition.

A stand alone version is now available: