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Started by fred, May 21, 2009, 10:37:47 AM

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Everything in this Tab is a bit experimental so take extra care and report any problems to me.

When clicking on this tab you get the message:

You need to enable TThrottle by setting "Auto Active" otherwise this will not work.
If you don't need the throttle set the temperatures to a high setting.

"Enable Graph"
A graph is drawn of the total runtime (process and threads).
The white line is the overall total run time so far, in a percentage of the core run time.
The yellow line is the actual run time per second, in a percentage of the core run time.

"Enable Text"
Text is displayed, with info about the Process and its Threads.
You can see the Kernel (Windows) and User (Program) run time as well as the current priority assigned to the process and its threads.

Priority setting: See other chapter in this forum

Feature supported as of V 1.58

Checkout the manual:


As of version 1.73 this feature is no longer part of the default installation.
On the download page look for TThrottle Special Edition.

If there are enough request I may even consider a stripped down version.