How to reschedule other BOINC projects

Started by fred, July 25, 2010, 01:16:41 PM

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Warning this part is not 100% tested so be careful!

The Astropulse example seems to be working correctly.

To rescheduling work from other BOINC projects, fill in the project url and application name.
The project must of course be set up to accept CPU and GPU work for that application.

For example, Astropulse for the ATI gpu.
As of V 2.6 there is a separate Seti Astropulse tab.

Application astropulse_v505, Version: 505
Application astropulse_v505, Version: 506 , Plan class: ati13ati

Go to the other tab and fill in the following:

Project url: ""
Application: "astropulse_v505"

More information:

For example, Einstein.

Make a copy of client_state.xml and search in the copy for:


Find <app_version> directly thereafter.
Look for the right application, fill in that application in the rescheduler.