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Started by fred, July 08, 2010, 05:39:09 PM

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V 0.2

Add: Error text, instead of numbers, for the file copy errors.
Fixed: rsc_fpops_est and rsc_fpops_bound were calculated incorrectly.


V 0.3

Add: Automatic run mode. Stops the BOINC client, reschedules, copies the new state, starts the BOINC client.


V 0.4

Changed: Revised reschedule counters.
Changed: When the GPU needed tasks, it fills up to a preset value.
Added: Check for VHAR and move them to the CPU.
Added: Check for allowing VLAR and VHAR work, to be moved from the GPU if the GPU is running low.
Added: Different color and alert text, when scheduling is needed.
Added: Automatic check interval of 10 minute -24 hours


V 0.5

Fixed: A lot of tasks where erroneously flagged as VLAR or VHAR.


V 0.6

Add: Allows the correction of the duration factor if it's too small or too large.
Add: User definable VLAR and VHAR.


V 0.7

Added: Expert tab: A check to enable limiting the rsc_fpops_bound value to 5e17. To avoid -177 errors
Added: Expert tab: Option to include / exclude active tasks from rescheduling.


V 0.8

Add: Settings tab: Option, start at login.
Change: When your try starting the program for the second time, it shows the dialog of the running copy.
Fixed: Expert setting "Limit rsc_fpops_bound" sometimes failed to update a workunit.


V 0.9

Changed: Now updates rsc_fpops_bound on running tasks.
Changed: When moving from CPU <-> GPU, the est and bound values will be the calculated ones not the server values.
Add: Move work from GPU to CPU.
Add: Expert tab: Read config button, will read the config.xml again.
Add: Config.xml SETI settings: <est_ratio_cpu_min> <est_ratio_cpu_max> <est_ratio_gpu_min> <est_ratio_gpu_max> These can be used to limit the range of the CPU and GPU ratio on server and calculated work.


V 1.0

Add: A balloon text when the BOINC client, is not running for 3 minutes.
Changed: Don't use the mutex to check if the BOINC client is running.
Changed: Check if the BOINC client is running just before the copy of the new client state file.
Fixed: the est_ratio_xpu min and max values where reversed.


V 1.1

Changed: A slightly different way to start the BOINC client.
Fixed: When the CPU or GPU was out of work, it sometimes refused to reschedule.


V 1.2

Add: A block on the BOINC client, to run while rescheduling. The BOINC Manager sometimes restarts the client.
Add: A warning in the log, when the BOINC Manager is running.
Add: Rescheduling now uses the CPU and GPU ratio. The ratio is used by SETI to correct runtime estimates.
Changed: Rescheduling on the regular SETI installation is now permitted. (With two different plan classes running).
Fixed: Several small bugs


V 1.3

Fixed: Program crashes when SETI beta is present and regular SETI is out of work, after pressing Run, even when no rescheduling is required. [done V 1.3]
Fixed: Sometimes the BOINC client was blocked from running. [done V 1.3]


V 1.4

Add: Other tab, for rescheduling other tasks like Astropulse -> ATI GPU.


V 1.5

Add: Settings Dialog: A check to not restart the BOINC client after rescheduling.
Add: Settings Dialog: A button to start the BOINC client.
Add: Expert Dialog: A check not to lock the BOINC client while rescheduling (mutex).
Add: Expert Dialog: Text for the used folders, when the boxes are blank.
Changed: Expert Dialog: [..] now starts in the default folder.


V 1.6

Add: Store the read WU data, at exit in workunits.xml. For a quicker Test and Run, next time around.
Add: For advanced testing only, <force_version_cpu>, <force_version_gpu>, <force_planclass_gpu>.
Add: A list box, to select a preferred version/planclass, for moving work to the GPU.
Changed: Use another way to determine, if a task has already done something and is considered active.
Fixed: A paused tasks, sometimes wasn't marked as active and was included in the reschedule.