BT 0.0.2

Started by Corsair, July 27, 2009, 09:56:35 AM

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Hi Fred,

Still not able to me it work, and now it looks like that from the web that there is access to the SETI database.

in my x64 desktop:
installed, setup with the "short" user, nothing.
with the "long" user, nothing.
nothing: no retrieve computer from the web neither getting access to the database.

in my x86 laptop:
- in this version and the former beta the last computer doesn't saves properly the password (it's exchanges on every run, Why? I don't know).
- when pressed button "add computer from internet" it crashes with runtime C++ error, no number nothing else.
- only added computer manually, with the problem of the password exchange in the last one.
- when pressed load from internet, blank screen opened for every computer setup but no data at all.
Cheers, Carmelo.
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