Optimizing for large amounts of WU's/Tasks

Started by fred, July 14, 2011, 07:33:10 AM

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Tasks view:

You can speed up the tasks view by setting Extra->BoincTasks settings->Tasks Set the "Maximum update time" to 240 seconds.
What happens is that at every Update, only the running tasks are read and updated on the screen. This will speed things up considerably.
The "Maximum update time" sets the maximum time between a full load of all Tasks.
The actual time between a full load, depends on the number of Tasks/Computer, more tasks means a longer interval time. (Time = Tasks / 30).
And a full load will be done when something changes in the running tasks, or when you perform a task operation, like suspend.


The history is always running, to optimize to to  Extra->BoincTasks settings->History.
Set "Smart mode", this will set the update time to variable.
Set the "Minimum update time" to 4 seconds.
Set the "Maximum update time" as high as possible, 120 Seconds is a good starting point.
The actual update time depends on the remaining time, of the task with the lowest remaining time. The update time is generally the remaining time / 2, with a maximum of the set value.

Set "Move to long term history after" 0 hours. To keep the short term history to a minimum.

When everything is running as it should, you could disable the history entirely.


At Extra->BoincTasks settings->View, set the "Refresh rate" to normal or slow, or use a manual time.
Try to limit the number of tasks rules to a minimum.