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Started by fred, July 17, 2011, 08:20:12 AM

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Check out the video.

As of V 1.13.

Computers are shown as groups.
When no groups are set in the Computers tab, the default "All computers" group is shown.

Groups can be collapsed and expanded, by clicking on the group icon.

Computes can be part of more than one group: All;Home
Computer belongs to group All and to group Home.

Normally all groups are expanded, you can override this by the > character e.g. >Home, shows the Home group as collapsed.
By default the first group is selected, by using the < character e.g. < Home, shows the Home group as selected.

To adjust the width of the computer sidebar:

V 1.24 and up:

Move the mouse over the divider and once the two arrows appear, click once on the divider, next release the left mouse button. At that point the view will make room for a wider computer sidebar.
Now click again and drag the divider to the right position.


The height of the bar is automatically stretched to the height of the window.
Just move the sidebar out of the locked position. (Pick it up and drag)
Now you have a floating window and you can adjust it's size.
Next move the window back in place.