Started by fred, October 26, 2011, 11:52:54 AM

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eFMer wallpaper changer allows a random wallpaper on 1 or 2 screens.
It supports pictures stored in folders and sub folders.
One or two label windows can be placed anywhere on the desktop to tell you what you are watching.
After a adjustable idle time, the pictures can be show on the foreground as a screensaver.
It can adjust the picture to fill the entire screen.
Even 2 screens with a different resolution can be used.
Build to handle 10 of thousands of pictures.

This is the only program that I know of that's free and can handle nested folders and an unlimited amount of photos.

Download: eFMerWall V 4.0

V 4.0

- Add: Now builds a database once a week to improve startup times.

V 3.22

- Add: Delay load at startup, not to slow down system with huge amount of pictures.
- Changed: Freeimage dll, V 3.17
- Changed: Not compatible with XP.
- Fixed: Label text sometimes incorrect

V 3.11

- Add: Tooltip shows picture folder and file.
- Changed: Freeimage dll, V 3.154
- Fixed make sure the labels are never on top of each other on a dual screen.
- Fixed flicker when moving the labels.

V 3.00

- Add: 1 or 2 screen screensaver.
- Changed: The initial scanning or the picture folders is now done in the background, so it won't lock up the rest of the program.
- Changed: This version no longer needs the 2005 runtime.
- Changed: If the picture folder can't be found, a retry is done every 5 minutes. (needed for e.g. wifi networks)
- Changed: Freeimage dll, V 3.151