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No ATI temperature/detection

Started by Mellowman, March 05, 2012, 07:07:23 PM

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My system has 2 Nvidia's and an ATI HD6950. My ATI is in my 3rd PCIe slot and isn't detected by TThrottle 5.10 or 5.50beta. I have question marks in BoincTasks and in TThrottle it only sees 2 GPU's, my Nvidia's I presume.

When the ATI/AMD card was in my other system as 1st GPU, with a Nvidia as 2nd GPU there were no problems.



At least with AMD motherboards (not sure about others) the ATI/AMD GPU should always be in slot 1 when using a mixed ATI/AMD/NVidia environment.


I have an ASRock Extreme4 Gen3 motherboard. I can't put my AMD in the first slot (it was in the 1st in my other system) because then the SLI connector for my 2 GTX-560TI-448's won't fit.


The ATI is detected by TThrottle it just doesn't read the temperatures.

TThrottle.xml found.
<GPU> ati_number_gpu: 1
<GPU> device_position: 0 1 2 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1

07 March 2012 - 18:12:37 Driver installed properly. Driver Version: 2.3
07 March 2012 - 18:12:37 Driver regulator: active

Program version: 5.50 64Bit
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit

Language: User: 1033 ENU ,System: 1033 ENU

nvidia: found 2 logical devices
nvidia: found 2 physical devices
nvidia: Temperature 96 °C, max Temperature 127 °C
nvidia: Temperature 89 °C, max Temperature 127 °C

nvidia: GeForce GTX 560 Ti, GeForce GTX 560 Ti
Amd/Ati: found 1 devices
Amd/Ati: AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series Present (Pos: 0, Valid adapter: 0)
07 March 2012 - 18:12:37
Pos: 0, Temperature: 0