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Rules / Private messages
February 13, 2010, 10:16:03 PM
We were forced to limit sending private messages.

Users with more than 4 post should be able to send ulimited messages.

Please note, that all private messages may be read to check for abuse.

Rules / Read this first before you create an account
February 13, 2010, 10:12:32 PM
We welcome every new member.

Be aware that it may take from a few minutes, to a whole day before your registration is approved.
Some applications are flagged by the system and must be manually approved.

When you are on the Spam list you will always be rejected.
You have to apply on the site above to get yourself removed from the list.


Don't include any signature links or websites that are in anyway commercial, inappropriate or are clearly advertising something.

If you want to add a link to your web site, please do so after you make your first post.
Otherwise we may accidentally remove your account.

We get lots of spammers with all kinds of links, they will be removed at once so don't ever try.  ;D
Be aware, You will be placed on the global Spam list.  >:(
Wish List / What is in the todo list
September 26, 2009, 04:38:12 PM
A complete version list can be found here.

Released 1.92 Beta.

Internal download of the installer does not install on Win 11? gives: this program does not support the version of windows your computer.
A manual download from the site works just fine.

Boinc Settings from wrong computer
Close dialogs with Esc
Selection in Projects jumps
BoincTasks does not start I get a message "Failed to create empty document". If I delete the notes.xml file in the AppData folder of BoincTasks, it starts normally.  (check dmp file)


Show tasks in Project tab with version 0.00, checked and 0 isn't what's causing the problem.
FAQ / OLD What was....... What is BOINC-Tasks
July 06, 2009, 12:58:57 PM
When you have a couple of 100 WU to check the Web Browser is probably a good way to do it.
But if you have a couple of 1000 WU, on several computers, it becomes an almost impossible task.

That's why I made BOINC-tasks, to get a feeling of what is going on ... again.

The program collects all the data and stores it locally.

This program is for SETI (main) only at the moment, but could be easily adapted to other projects.
Check out BOINC-Tasks here:
Wish List / Work Schedule
June 21, 2009, 05:19:20 PM
[move]Released 7.78 Beta[/move]

To do:

I don't have an Arc card, so this will difficult to implement.
Add Intel Arc support


And as alway the more request for a certain feature the higher it will go on the list.

Download TThrottle here
Beta Testing / AMD card testing
June 21, 2009, 05:16:15 PM
Quote from: efmer on April 17, 2009, 02:12:56 AM
Add AMD/ATI graphic card support.
I have a card but for now I don't get it working, will try another machine.
Did that, had  ??? as complete system crash, downloaded the latest version same problem. Looks as if a 32 bit driver is installed on a 64 bit system. >:(
In a couple of days I try another computer... :-\

Originally posted by Corsair

New ATI Catalist driver for XP, Vista and 7 (x86 & x64) has recently released around 17, 18 June.

and as you say driver x86 for os x86 and driver x64 for os x64, otherwise blue screens, crashes, etc.

good luck, Carmelo  ;)
TThrottle supports, (Google) Gmail and Microsoft (Outlook, Hotmail, Live)

Outlook, Hotmail, Livel

Make sure to send an e-mail, after you opened a new account."Outgoing server (SMTP)"
25"Port""User name"

Make sure to check "TLS"

Change the user name into your own user name.

Alternative port: 587 as some providers block port 25.


First check if you have enabled pop.

Use the following settings

Port: 25 or 587
Username: (account name without

Some providers block port 25. If they do you get the message TLS not supported by the POP3 server, use 587 instead.

If you still have problems, send me the log that you can find here:
XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\eFMer\TThrottle\maillog.txt
Vista: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\eFMer\TThrottle\maillog.txt

If you still run into problems you can enable email logging:

In the folder C:\Program Files\eFMer\TThrottle you find tthrottle.xml, if it isn't there copy it from \examples

Somewhere you will find


<email> may not be there, it that case add <email>1</email> as shown above.
otherwise change 0 into 1.

1 sets logging of the email process.

Editing the file may be impossible, if so start notepad as administrator, or copy the file to another location, change it, and copy it back.

After the changes are stored, restart TThrottle

Try the email again, now you should see exactly what is send to sendemail.exe.
FAQ / Change Icon
June 13, 2009, 07:36:27 AM
This tthrottle.xml file, is basically a text file, and  can be edited by a text editor. It is read only once at TThrottle startup.
It must reside in the same directory as the TThrottle.exe.
An example is placed in the examples directory.

The way the Icon is shown can be set.

Display the icon in the taskbar as percentage only and stay that way.


Display the icon in the taskbar as the tthrotle icon only and stay that way.

  <tthrottle= >1</tthrottle >

(as of V 1.62)
Beta Testing / Testing V 1.61x
June 12, 2009, 05:08:59 PM
Safe all your work before using this version.

In the tab general throttle, (name doesn't fit anymore, suggestions)

The rules go into the rules line (Top) and become active when you press Add.
Warning they become active at once....
The check Enable General Throttle does.... NOTHING.
The exclude does... NOTHING.

Does a emergency shutdown so be careful it shuts down quickly without saving anything.
if cpu temperature > 70 shutdown

This engages the full general throttle at this temperature all processed are throttled
if cpu temperature > 64 throttle
The set temperature is still the temperature that will be regulated. But when the General Throttle engages all programs will be throttled.

if cpu temperature > 68 email  
This sends an email.

Fixed problems:
The throttle did not go low enough but to 25% instead of 5%.
The threads lost is gone, instead the rebuild time is 1/2 when threads are lost. But these frequent warnings are gone.

The update version check is now done in a better way.
Sometimes TThrottle detects more cores than there actually are.

The Intel I7 processor reports 8 cores (when HT is active) but it has "only" 4 cores. The other reported cores are Hyperthreads (2 in core).
As there are only 4 temperature sensors, only 4 are reported in the graph. [0,1] [2,3] [4,5]  [6,7).
Translations / Languages we have translators for:
March 09, 2009, 01:26:50 AM
I'm still in need of an native English speaker, to check on the English translations.
Of both program and Web site.

These are TThrottle only translators for BoincTasks check the BoincTasks translation chapter.

Catalan: Josep.
Dutch - Nederlands By Fred.
French By France team - Équipe France. Link:
German By Christoph.
Spanish By Corsair.
Chinese (simplified) by ledled.
Slovak by Pepo.
Portuguese (Brazilian) By Ricardo

Anyone interested in other languages, please let me know.
FAQ / How can I help?
February 26, 2009, 05:34:20 PM
You can help improve TThrottle by supplying the following information:

Run the computer at minimum load e.g. stop all running programs and suspend BOINC.
Wait for a minute or 7 for the temperature to settle.
Start TThrottle and copy everything in the log tab. Exit TThrottle.
Run the computer at full load e.g. run BOINC at 100% or use the supplied Stress program.
Wait for a minute or 7 for the temperature to settle.
Start TThrottle and copy everything in the log tab.
Furthermore if you know or suspect the temperature at the time you copy the log please include them.

But always try to include the know temperatures and the program name you tested this with.
FAQ / Adjusting core temperature reading.
February 26, 2009, 05:31:03 PM
As of V 5.70 is is possible to adjust temperature readings of individual processor cores.

To do so modify the  following file tthrottle.xml in: C:\Program Files\eFMer\TThrottle
If there isn't such file, copy it from: C:\Program Files\eFMer\TThrottle\examples

Add the following, if it isn't already there:

   Adjust the core reading
   <core_adjust> Adjust the processor core reading. This value will be added to the core temperature reading.


Make sure you have only one <PROCESSOR> block.
Everything between <!-- up to --> is considered a comment.

The values as decimal, NO hex values are allowed.
A negative value lower a specific core temperature.

The cores are numbered as in the graph. Core 0 is the first one.

WARNING: The cores are the temperature sensor cores, NOT the hyperthread cores.
So the adjustments are on the values as seen in the Graph.

Check the log tab for the following line: <PROCESSOR> core_adjust: -1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Just to check that you didn't do something wrong.

Best way to correct all cores at once:

Sometimes you need to correct the temperature.
This can be because you need to calibrate the sensor or the processor is not in the "known" list.
To do so, go to the "expert" tab and fill in the value left of "Set Tjunction Temperature"
This is not the actual Tjunction temperature but it is used for calculation only.
If you want a increase the reading by 5C. Type in a value 5 higher or lower than the value you see above it.
Select "Set Tjunction Temperature" to set the new value.
Press "set to default" to get the default value back.

The most common TJunction temperatures are 100C and 85C

If you do change the TJunction please notify me, so I can change this in the program, so others don't get the same problems.
FAQ / What is the right temperature
February 26, 2009, 05:27:41 PM
Click on the "CPU" tab. There you can see the case temperature. A good guess is that the core temperature is 5C hotter.
The mobile processors can become quite hot, 70C for some time is not too hot. Some have a case temperature of 105C and with others the max is only 55C.

Seeing ?? please send me the log, so I can add your processor to the list.

If you know the temperature is off, because you saw it in another program, please report it to me so I can fix this in the next version.
FAQ / Supported processors
February 26, 2009, 05:24:41 PM
Supported Intel processor:

Core™ Solo All (T/U 1300 - 1400), Core™ Duo All (T/L/U 2300 - 2700), Core™2 Solo All (U/SU 2100- 3300), Core™2 Duo Desktop All (E4400 - E8700)
Core™2 Duo Mobile All (T/P/SL/SP/SU/L 5200 - 9800), Core™2 Extreme All (Q X 6700 - 9775),Core™2 Quad All (Q 6700 - 9650)
Core™ i7 All (I7 920-940), Core™ i7 Extreme All (I7 965)

Supported AMD processor:

All beginning (and including) with Family: 0Fh (15)
FAQ / I see no temperature
February 26, 2009, 05:11:27 PM
Check the logging page, something like this should be at the start.
14:35:21 Driver installed properly. Driver Version: 1.9.

If you see "NO Digital Temperature Sensor Detected" your processor is probably not supported. See the supported processors in the FAQ
Make sure TThrottle is closed before installation! If TThrottle was running, close it now and run setup again.

Otherwise go to the directory [program files][efmer tthrottle] and start "InstallDriver.exe" as administrator.
Select the "Remove Driver" button and exit.
Start "InstallDriver.exe" as administrator again and select "Install Driver".