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Started by wicked, August 23, 2014, 02:07:42 PM

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Looks like BoincTasks doesn't always show correct info on Status-column of the Projects-tab. For example, at the moment WUProp@Home scheduler is not responding (incorrect DNS resolution) and BoincTasks shows:

WUProp@Home ... Deferred for: 00:53:50, In progress

Looking boinccmd --get_project_status output for the same project:

1) -----------
   name: WUProp@Home
   nrpc_failures: 8
   master_fetch_failures: 0
   master fetch pending: no
   scheduler RPC pending: yes
   trickle upload pending: no
   attached via Account Manager: yes
   ended: no
   suspended via GUI: no
   don't request more work: no
   disk usage: 0.000000
   last RPC: 1408626277.443256
   project files downloaded: 0.000000

And project info in client_state.xml shows:



Now, the BT Deferred status is correct but RPC is not "In progress" but rather RPC is "Pending" and the reason code 7 means "Project Requested" as defined in;a=blob;f=lib/common_defs.h;hb=HEAD#l193.  I've also sometimes seen "sRPCp 3" status, which might mean BT doesn't also understand the reason code 3, which is explained in the same header. (RPC for this project is pending because "Need work".) Could you make sure these defines are correctly taken into account for BT Status-column? Thanks!

BTW, there's also upload pending and it's status is shown correctly on Transfers tab:

WUProp@Home ... Upload pending (Project backoff: 00:46:21)


Quote from: wicked on August 23, 2014, 02:07:42 PM
WUProp@Home ... Deferred for: 00:53:50, In progress
  scheduler RPC pending: yes
I've also sometimes seen "sRPCp 3" status
I will take a look, in progress seems to be OK, I don't know if BoincTasks can see more. It relies on the RPC and can't see the state file.
But should be fairly easy to test.


Fixed in 1.63.
1.63 will be released just after the next BOINC Beta, I need to test the new CPID feature.