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Thanks for TThrottle

Started by oldfool, October 15, 2014, 06:48:36 AM

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Just discovered TThrottle and it's working great. Thanks! I'm a retired Delphi programmer from the Netherlands, now trying to learn C# and C++. Computers & programming are both my job and my hobby. Without knowing that TThrottle even existed, I downloaded the Open Hardware Monitor project and started experimenting.

I intercepted OHM's CPU temperature reading and added code to throttle the CPU at a certain temp. I throttled by modifying the MaxCpu setting of a power profile. It works but I noticed it responded slow to temperature overshoots. For example when starting Prime95 the temp would shoot up way above the set max. limit and then slowly fall below the max, after which it stabilized at the max. setting.

Searching for a solution I found TThrottle and noticed that it has the same overshoot. It's great to know that other throttlers show exactly the same behaviour as my little contraption. It means that your programmer ran into the same physical limitations as I. Congratulations, your programmer shows an excellent understanding of CPU throttling issues.

Just a few remarks: TThrottle is slow to respond to changes in manual settings and slow to respond to programs coming online. I guess it has a loop which periodically interrogates the settings & the process list. Since TThrottle uses few CPU cycles, the loop timer might just as well fire faster so that changes in settings are detected sooner. Once a second or once every 10 seconds maybe? Perhaps a manual setting for this would be possible?

Also, I noticed that TThrottle runs at "normal" priority and disallows manual priority changes. When Prime95 or other CPU-intensive programs start running they eat up most CPU cycles. In some cases TThrottle simply doesn't get the CPU time to do its work. Since throttling is an important job, could you set TThrottle to run at High priority? It deserves it!

Should you need a beta tester for TThrottle, I volunteer! I use an AMD A10-5800K on a Gigabyte F2A88XM-D3H mainboard.

Keep up the good work & thank you for TThrottle  :D


Quote from: oldfool on October 15, 2014, 06:48:36 AM
Keep up the good work & thank you for TThrottle  :D
In the expert tab Change Rebuild list after xx seconds to 30 or 15.
That way it handles changes quicker.
Normally it's only one (virtual) core that heats up, when a task changes, not something to heat up the CPU.

An overshoot is hard to avoid in any regulator, with so many different systems.

The actual regulator in in the driver (win 7 an up), it should have enough priority to keep on working.

Bedankt voor de reactie,