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TThrottle equivalency for MAC?

Started by ZC.Sulima, February 10, 2020, 03:45:23 PM

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Is there an equivalent program to TThrottle out there in the wild for Mac computers?




I was afraid you would say something to this effect. It would be divine for all Mac BOINC users if TThrottle was ported to Mac OS.  As you know, I am sure, Macs have a rather lousy thermal performance.  I, for one, run BOINC on several of them, and the best I could do to avoid all fans running at 2,800 RPM+ and even worse, having them pulsate annoyingly, was to under-volt the CPUs.   In the end, I got a better performance over time, but with a certain lingering longing look on my face...:-)

BTW, I just discovered TThrottle, a very nice job, I must say!