New to BoincTasks JS - can't replicate what I used to have with the Windows BT

Started by Keith Myers, May 01, 2024, 10:45:55 PM

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Keith Myers

Just migrated to JS as the Wine version no longer is functional.

Having issues with the what the layout shows and is not able to sort the way I could with the Windows version.

I can find no way to have Computers list to be sorted so that I have the host that runs BT JS at the top of the list.

Same for keeping the host that runs BT JS to have its Messages at the top of the sort.

Computers are sorted alphabetically and I all I can do with the control key is sort up, down or unsorted.  Unsorted would be the logical choice but I can find no way to rearrange the order to what I need.  Clicking, dragging is not possible it seems.

Looking for some guidance about how to achieve what I used to have on the Windows version.


Computers are sorted alphabetically, you should be able to sort up to 3 columns as shown in the link above.

If you miss something, add an issue in Github