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Started by fred, July 08, 2010, 05:39:09 PM

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V 2.0

A bump in the version numbers to V 2.0, so there is no confusion with other rescheduling programs.

Add: Log the rescheduled WU with parameters.
Fixed: The ratio scheduled the wrong way.


V 2.1

Changed: Separate check boxes, to allow to move to GPU of VHAR's and VLAR's. With a preference for VHAR's to the GPU, when both are set.
Changed: A Test or a Run, now stores the WU results to the workunits.xml file.
Add: Displays a time, when the last run/test occurred.


V 2.2

Changed: Make a copy to workunits.xml after rescheduling not before.
Changed: A check (Use copy of WU data (capture-wu.xml). (Removing the check, will result in a quicker initial read, may be less safe.))  in the expert tab to bypass the capture wu, quicker when unchecked.


V 2.3

Add: Delete "lost" files, workunits or results.


V 2.4

Fixed: The VLAR and VHAR count after rescheduling wasn't always correct, after scheduling from the GPU to the CPU. This didn't effect the actual scheduling.


V 2.5

Added check "Move VLAR's to GPU First"

Some Gpu's can handle VLARS better than the CPU, so setting this check will move them to the Gpu.
You may want to remove the check at "Always move VLAR's to CPU"


V 2.6

Add: Seti Astropulse tab. This includes the -177.
Changed: Improved list handing (internally)


V 2.7

Add: Astropulse V 6 and up now supported, by a user definable version name, default: astropulse_v6