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Adjusting core temperature reading.
« on: February 26, 2009, 05:31:03 pm »
As of V 5.70 is is possible to adjust temperature readings of individual processor cores.

To do so modify the  following file tthrottle.xml in: C:\Program Files\eFMer\TThrottle
If there isn't such file, copy it from: C:\Program Files\eFMer\TThrottle\examples

Add the following, if it isn't already there:

   Adjust the core reading
   <core_adjust> Adjust the processor core reading. This value will be added to the core temperature reading.


Make sure you have only one <PROCESSOR> block.
Everything between <!-- up to --> is considered a comment.

The values as decimal, NO hex values are allowed.
A negative value lower a specific core temperature.

The cores are numbered as in the graph. Core 0 is the first one.

WARNING: The cores are the temperature sensor cores, NOT the hyperthread cores.
So the adjustments are on the values as seen in the Graph.

Check the log tab for the following line: <PROCESSOR> core_adjust: -1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Just to check that you didn't do something wrong.

Best way to correct all cores at once:

Sometimes you need to correct the temperature.
This can be because you need to calibrate the sensor or the processor is not in the "known" list.
To do so, go to the "expert" tab and fill in the value left of "Set Tjunction Temperature"
This is not the actual Tjunction temperature but it is used for calculation only.
If you want a increase the reading by 5C. Type in a value 5 higher or lower than the value you see above it.
Select "Set Tjunction Temperature" to set the new value.
Press "set to default" to get the default value back.

The most common TJunction temperatures are 100C and 85C

If you do change the TJunction please notify me, so I can change this in the program, so others don't get the same problems.
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