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Beta testing problems / Mixed NVidia and ATI GPUs
August 18, 2010, 05:10:03 PM
For the first time, in v1.91 (didn't try v1.90) NVidia and ATI GPUs in the same system reported correctly in the temperature window.  Unfortunately only the NVidia temperature is shown when hovering over the taskbar icon.  More importantly, only the NVidia temp is passed on to BoincTasks (which reports the NVidia temp for the ATI card also).

Upgrading to v2.00 gets back to the behavior where only the NVidia temp is recognized at all.  To go back to v1.91 I had to uninstall TThrottle, delete the program directory and the registry entries.  At that point the temp window started reporting both the NVidia and ATI temps correctly again.  Unfortunately the correct ATI temp is still not being passed on to BoincTasks.

Multiple GPUs of a single type (either ATI OR NVidia) have reported correctly for quite a few TThrottle versions.

BTW, Thanks much for your hard work on a couple of GREAT programs!
Same thing happens on my Brisbane X2.  Processor checking loops for hours and never finishes.  V2.00, Win7-64.