Move Boinc Tasks to new computer

Started by Dingo, May 06, 2022, 07:29:59 AM

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I have Boinc Tasks set up with 17 computers but I now have a new computer that I want to use BoinkTasks from.  Is there a way to move boincTasks from the old machine over to a new machine so I don't have to manually connect all the computers.   I tried the seach and add function on the new machine, and it found 11 of the machines but could not figure out how to select and add them.  I selected all the machines it found by Highlighting them on the screen and pressing the "add Selected" but the screen just froze and nothing happened.

I thought ther might be a file or two that I can copy from the old to the new that had the data ??


Hi !

All the parameters seem to be recorded in the user Appdata, here :



I just copied those files across and rebooted. When I opened Boinc Tasks it was the same as before. Only three machines listed. They must live somewhere else.

Thanks for the reply though.


Did you copy them while Boinctasks was running on the target machine ?
It may have written its own versions on top of them.

Infos seem complete, though. Try to stop Boinctasks on the target machine, then retry to copy the files.


Yes. It must have been open as i copied again and now all the machines are there.  Thank you for your assistance.