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Started by fred, July 28, 2009, 05:01:13 PM

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V 0.21

I first release this version as beta, but I will make it a release if no real problems pop up. Because of the number of bugs fixed.
But every change introduces new bugs. ;D

# New: In the task view, an extra column added for the actual runtime percentage.
# New: In the task view, a color option if the runtime % is below or above 50%. A color setting in the color menu.
# Changed: In the task view, added a day indicator before (elapsed) time.
# Changed: In the task view, changed the time alignment to the right.
# Fixed: In the project view, the percentage in the non combined mode was way off.
# Fixed: The taskbar icon way not removed after exiting.
# Fixed: In the task view, The message Updating in the project column did not disappear. The name/project name resolve routines are revised.
# Fixed: In the message view, if the log was too long a couple of invalid entries (doubles) would appear.
# Fixed: In the project view, in the non combined mode, the properties were displayed incorrect.


V 0.23

# New: When BoincTasks starts, check if the BOINC client is running, if not start it. Only possible for the localhost. As an option in the setting dialog. (marked as experimental)
# New: Waiting counter in the non combined mode.
# New: Colors for suspended: CPU and GPU.
# Changed: At startup, the Task view is shown faster.
# Changed: While in the (non) combined window the computer->Show menu was not active, only the icon.
# Changed: If there is a password provided for localhost, use it, otherwise read it from the local password file.
# Changed: Finally found a way to get around most of the annoying flickering, when the display is updated.
# Changed: Use the manual time override (in the dialog), for refreshing in all views.
# Fixed: A memory leak (potential crash) when BoincTasks was closed immediately after startup.
# Fixed: In the preference dialog, settings where sometimes lost. Added to the dialog: preference -> processor and network: time/day override, and everything else that was missing.
# Fixed: When adding a computer, the password hide **** was in the port location.
# Fixed: Filtering ready to start tasks, that are suspended. Are now displayed as suspended.
# Fixed: In the non combined mode, task view: Selecting and changing the mode, e.g. suspend sometimes changes another task than the one selected. Affects only the non combined mode.


V 0.24

- (BUG) In the preference processor dialog the % of the processors <-> Minutes text where incorrect, switched them.
- (BUG) If the version number = 0 try another location.
- (BUG) Message view: In some cases the time was not displayed at all, depended on the local time setting. Time is now display as in the Tasks view.
- (BUG) In some projects, when the task is not running, the version number is 0, but the application name is correct.
- (ADD) Missing commands like add project , reset project, detach project.
- (ADD) Status message when tasks are suspended, like Benchmark, user active.
- (ADD) Transfer view: Added Abort.
- (ADD) A way to jump to the various project URL's and go to the corresponding website.
- (MODIFY) Application version notation now 1.23 instead of 123.
- (MODIFY) Gpu tasks when filtered now called (gpu), unfiltered or single ones are now (xxxx) with xxx = the plan class.



V 0.25

- (ADD) A link in the Help menu, to the BoincTasks forum.
- (ADD) Make Error on CPU and GPU ratio user definable. Was fixed at 50%,
- (ADD) Task view: A color for tasks that have gone over the deadline and a dialog setting for the time.
- (ADD) Message view: Colors for all available priority classes. normal, high, higher.
- (ADD) Project view: Add colors for all states. e.g. No new tasks, suspended.
- (ADD) Message view: Message number.
- (ADD) Store all window positions for the next time.
- (MODIFY)Task view: The minimum refresh rate is now 6,2,1 seconds, for slow, normal, quick. The minimum time was 1 second.
- (MODIFY)Task view: The progress % is now the same as with BOINC Manager, except for < 1%.
- (MODIFY) The color dialog now has tabs. The colors from previous versions can't be retrieved, they are now incompatible.


V 0.26

- (ADD) Task view: A filter for uploads and downloads.
- (ADD) The menu selection for startup in all windows.
- (ADD) A Tab (dock-able window) with Projects, Tasks, Transfer, Messages. Can be placed e.g. above the window for easy switching.
- (CHANGED) Message view: A better way to select the messages. E.g. from the computer selection bar, if only one is selected use that as the selected computer.
- (CHANGED) Modify the computer selection bar, to make it behave more consistent with the main window.
- (FIXED) The check "Start BoincTasks at login", did work, but didn't stick. It was alway unchecked.
- (FIXED) Message view: Sometimes there are blank lines.
- (FIXED) The deadline day/hour are not correctly saved.


V 0.27

- (ADD) Shutting down the BOINC client and stopping of the science exe, in the File menu.
- (ADD) Starting the BOINC client in the File menu.
- (ADD) Message view: Copy selected text from messages to the clipboard.
- (ADD/CHANGED) A third column sorting, using the right control key. The left is used for second column sorting.
- (CHANGED) The computer selection bar starts with all computers selected.
- (CHANGED) The computer selection bar is more tree like, with an all computer selector.
- (CHANGED) Made the toolbar shorter so it doesn't includes doubles with the view selection bar.
- (CHANGED) The sorting is no longer case sensitive (lower case sorting).
- (FIXED) In property the disk usage was always 0.
- (FIXED) The row marking colors, (dark, lighter) were sometimes off.
- (FIXED) The uploads where not filtered.
- (FIXED) Some passwords refused to be stored. Hopefully this version is completely compatible with the previous versions.
- (FIXED) Message view: Non combined mode. On rare occasions there were blank lines with init in the first column.
- (FIXED) Transfer view: The sorting on the % was incorrect.


V 0.28

- (ADD) Task view: Selecting filtered task to perform task like suspend, resume and abort.
- (ADD) Task view: Show/set filter with the right mouse click (context) menu.
- (ADD) History view: Make one with the completed WU by day / project / computers. Results are also logged in a file.
- (CHANGED) Icons.
- (CHANGED) Task view: In filter, use the application name to distinguish between task that have the same version number.
- (CHANGED) In the WWW list (right mouse key in Project/Task view), when the list is empty use the default project name.
- (CHANGED) The combined mode is now the default startup choice.
- (FIXED) Project view: Sorting on numbers is not correct with larger numbers.
- (FIXED) Don't let string errors result in aborts.
- (FIXED) In the non combined mode: The disk usage is not shown.


V 0.29

- (ADD) History view: Completed, time a task was detected uploading/ready to report.
- (ADD) History view: Copy to clipboard.
- (ADD) Task view: Filter on suspended tasks.
- (CHANGED Task view: Suspended mode cpu usage limit (throttle) message is no longer reported.
- (FIXED) Message view: Sometimes the message screen keeps refreshing.
- (FIXED) When selection filtered tasks, the selection was applied to all tasks with the same number of filtered tasks.


V 0.30

A lot of mayor internal changes, I hope this goes without any mayor problems.

- (ADD) Task view: Column Throttle and Temperature for TThrottle integration.
- (ADD) Settings General: Connect to TThrottle check. Connects using the BOINC port+1 = 31417
- (ADD) Task view: Filter on Computation errors.
- (ADD) Task view: A dialog to rearrange the column order or hide one or more.
- (CHANGED) History view: The tasks that cross the remove deadline are removed all at once.
- (CHANGED) Close down sequence.
- (FIXED) Task view: Filter on suspended sometimes did still filter, even when the filter was disabled.


V 0.31

- (ADD) Task view: Column Use, how much GPU and CPU a task is asking. Like 0.21C + 1.00NV or 0.04C + 1.00NV.
- (ADD) Settings dialog -> Tasks check "Condense Use column", to make the Use column text more compact.
- (CHANGED) Message view: Now the focus is locked on the last line and only by clicking to another line above the last, the lock is released. Now as soon as the user wants to scroll remove the lock on the last line.
- (CHANGED) Task view: While filtered give real () class instead of (gpu); like (cuda), (cuda23) or (ABP1cuda23).
- (CHANGED) Task view: Show the real temperature, for the individual GPU's, instead of the max temperature for all of them.
- (CHANGED) When the right mouse key is clicked, select the item is nothing is selected. For a quicker menu selection.
- (CHANGED) The Yes/No dialog for tasks, now has columns and the system font.
- (FIXED) Non combined mode: Task view: Apply changes to the columns didn't work for all windows.
- (FIXED) Non combined mode: Task view: Setting the first column to computer, didn't work.
- (FIXED) Task view: Suspend, Abort etc doesn't work, most of the time.
- (FIXED) History view: The maximum number was 23 instead of 30, as shown in the dropdown list.


V 0.32

- (ADD) Task view: Right click on task menu: Update, Suspend, Resume Project.
- (ADD) A toolbar for: Task: suspend, resume and abort, Project: update, suspend, resume, no new work, allow new work. Works in the Project and Tasks view.
- (CHANGED) Additional checking on the (tool)bars so they won't cause crashes when the stored values are corrupt or inconsistent.
- (FIXED) Tasks view: Preference didn't work.
- (FIXED) Tasks view: A column may be too small to show up, in this case show it.
- (FIXED) Task view: When a project is suspended by user, it doesn't show. It now shows: Project suspended.


V 0.33

- (ADD) A icon in the computer bar indicates not connected.
- (ADD) The add project dialog now has an option, to create an account, while adding a project.
- (CHANGED) Tasks view: Different gpu detection. Now Use value is used. If  + or , xx > 0, gpu is used. This is used for the color rows only.
- (CHANGED) Tasks view: Warnings improved handling of different CPU / GPU use. It's now possible to tailor warnings to specific tasks. Read the manual for more details.
- (CHANGED) Removed quick and dirty mode. (obsolete)
- (FIXED) Tasks view: Throttle displays 101% when there is no GPU detected, now 0.
- (FIXED) Task view: Cpu % column is not shown properly. Too small.
- (FIXED) Project view: The sorting of the credit columns was sometimes incorrect. (off by a couple of credits)
- (FIXED) A potential crash when closing BoincTasks.


V 0.34

- (ADD) The logging dialog now displays: User, System and used language.
- (ADD) Make the program translatable, this will be a step by step process.
- (FIXED) USE % is max 100%, even when a project uses more than one CPU. Max should be according to the number of cores used. 2 C = max 200%.


V 0.35

-(CHANGED) More text is translatable.
-(ADD) A partial Spanish translation.
-(ADD) Show status when hovering over the icon in the taskbar. The Gadget window will popup for a set time.
-(ADD) Gadget window, can be shown anywhere on the screen. The window is fully scalable.


V 0.36

-(CHANGED) Gadget window, now displays colors for CPU & GPU running, high priority and deadline warning.
-(CHANGED) Remove unnecessary status for keys like CAPS.
-(CHANGED) Move the BoincTasks status text to a separate status line, so it doesn't overwrites the info message from the menu selection.
-(CHANGED) If the Gadget is set to show over the icon, it will disappear for 5 seconds when the icon is clicked.
-(CHANGED) History: Gives text -6,VLAR in Seti.
-(CHANGED) More translated text.