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Started by fred, July 28, 2009, 05:01:13 PM

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V 0.03 in 32 and in 64.


V 0.05 One step further but some steps to go.
Changed the installation. It is now a one file installation. Lets see how that goes.


V 0.06
Solved the problem with the login of localhost.
In the project page  you can stop start etc the projects by using the right mouse button.


V 0.07 Now with upload. And stores the column width settings.


V 0.008 is now ready for download.
Move the program into the taskbar.
The computer window now hides itself.
Any selected computers are connected automatically.
The Elapsed column now displays the real and cuda time.


V 0.009

Removed a small, but nasty memory leak in the original BOINC part, a possible cause for crashes even though I never saw one.
Updated the manual a bit.
Made the sorting in the Task window stick.
Forgot the other menu's in the taskbar.


V 0.010

Made a filter option Extra -> Filter on -> ready to start.
This combines all WU that are ready to start.
Now resolves the application name completely, instead of only the version number.
Made some color changes for running projects.


V 0.011

Added a graph dialog. A dialog that combines all computers and all projects.
A lot of small changes and bug fixes.


V 0.012

Colors of the tasks are now  user definable user. User Extra->colors->dialog. (You can adjust it to hurt your eyes)
Added a suspend / resume menu to the task view.
Solved some bugs in the graph. The colors were not always shown correctly.


V 0.014

Added a combined mode.
All WU from several machines in one screen.
I suggest switching  the filter on to reduce the number of WU.


V 0.015

The date is now shown according the the user local settings.
The installer now allows installing in a different directory.
Sometimes names where not show. ??? instead, should be resolved now.
The combined mode: Added the projects view.  More to come.
Bugs fixed.


V 0.016
In the combined mode I added the messages tab and graph.
Fixed some bugs.


V 0.018

New filters on waiting to run, reporting.
Preference dialog.
WU regulator thats let´s you regulate the amount of WU present on you computer
Several small changes and bug fixes


V 0.019

This was a mayor change; the sorting got me into all kinds of other problems, but I think it was worth it. It is a definite improvement.

Sorting is completely rewritten ;D and now has 2 sorting steps, first the secondary is sorted and second the primary is sorted.
The secondary is marked V2. The secondary can be switched of entirely. See the manual for more info.

Because of the new sorting I had to rewrite the selection as well ;D. The selection now follows the individual WU. I sometimes use this to follow WU as they progress.

You can now abort WU in the task menu, I waited for this feature for BoincTasks to be stable. A Dialog shows the selected WU and gives a NO and YES option.

The logging is only displaying interesting things now. For full debugging info switch on the debugging check and start BoincTasks again.

Only one copy of BoincTasks can be started.

Some small changes and bug fixes as always.


V 0.20, yes another version numbering  ;D as this is version 20.
And we are now out of beta... sort of.

New in this version:

Automatic first time setup of the Localhost.
The update menu is now working
Autostart of BoincTasks is now added to the settings dialog
Sorting of the Project and Transfer window.
A dockable window for computer selection. View-> Computer bar.
In Projects computer credits and computer average credits
More auto refresh settings and a manual adjust in the setting dialog.

And as always a lot of small changes and bug fixes.